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Spatial Affairs. Worlding. A tér világlása

Now 2021-04-29 ~ 2021-08-30  
Project Key: #Online, #design, #experience, #internet, #browser

-»Spatial Affairs. Worlding – A tér világlása« is an exploratory online environment, a virtual multi-user exhibition populated by crawling artworks, where visitors’ avatars coexist with moving bodies.....

Pandemic fairy tales by Masha Trotzky

Now 2021-06-06 ~ 2021-06-26  5Day Left

-DUO Contradiction Gallery will present a solo exhibition by established Russian artist and designer Masha Trotzky “Pandemic fairy tales”.The era of Pandemic came unexpectedly and changed the world i.....

Zlin Design Week Festival

View Archive 2021-05-07 ~ 2021-05-14  
Project Key: #Online, #design, #festival, #Czech

-From Friday to Friday, May 7 to 14, 2021, the Zlin Design Week festival will wave the waters of Czech design. In addition to the well-known names of the Czech and international design scene, the eight.....

Design from Your Kitchen

View Archive 2021-03-29 ~ 2021-04-29  
Project Key: #Online, #Kitchen, #design

-Design CANTEEN has already set up the table and invites you to its first online exhibition, Design from Your Kitchen. In the virtual ZDW 360° gallery you can see the work of talented designers from Cz.....


Project Key: #design, #graphic, #Drawing Painting, #Online

-Graphic design, illustration, animation, motion graphics, branding, typography...In January 2021 we're highlighting graphic design including illustration, animation, motion graphics, typography, etc. .....

Nicole Eisenman and Keith Boadwee

View Archive 2020-12-12 ~ 2021-03-13  
Project Key: #change, #history, #design

-Nicole Eisenman Heading Down River on the USS J-Bone of an Ass, 2017 Oil on canvas 127 1/4 x 105 x 1 3/4 inches (323.22 x 266.7 x 4.45 cm) Courtesy the Ovitz Family Collection, Los AngelesDue to preca.....

Best in Design 2020

View Archive 2020-12-08 ~ 2021-01-31  
Project Key: #design, #Virtual, #Exhibition

-The first year of the Best in Design Competition started in 2010 and since then, it has been supporting young designers up to the age of 30 from all over the world. Apart from the financial support fo.....

Oncetype by Kelly Moonkyung Choi

View Archive 2020-12-04 ~ 2020-12-19  

-Graphic designer Kelly Moonkyung Choi's typography project "Oncetype" is an art project that gives new functions to wooden printing type that has lost its original position today.Kelly Moonkyung Choi .....

Hannah Waldron, Solmania

View Archive 2020-10-10 ~ 2020-11-22  
Project Key: #Craft&Sculpture, #design, #graphic

-Ten years ago, Hannah Waldron discovered and took the technique of weaving to create her own graphic language, between figuration and abstraction. Since then, she has put her illustrating practice int.....

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What Vinyl Cover Designs Can Tell Us of the Afrofuturistic Vision of Sun Ra

News, Issue & Events | by

A celestial being who claimed to have been born on Saturn, Ra’s space-bound philosophy didn't end with his music—he embodied it throu...

Architects Design Eco-Friendly Building Inspired by Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees

Site-specific / Art-Space | by Samantha Pires

This innovative new condominium tower in Cebu City, Philippines, aptly named The Rainbow Tree, has earned its name from the iconic rainb...


News, Issue & Events | by Plastique Fantastique

The Coronavirus is changing our relation to each other and affecting our perception of reality. This virus is very democratic: it spread...

Kleureyck_Design Museum Gent

What is the origin of colour? | News, Issue & Events | by Design Museum Gent

In honour of the Year of Van Eyck in Ghent, the museum is hosting a large exhibition on the innovative and diverse use of colour. The ex...

Plant Fever: Towards a phyto-centred design

TOWARDS A PHYTO-CENTRED DESIGN | News, Issue & Events | by Centre d’Innovation et de Design au Grand-Hornu, Belgium

Due to the coronavirus, there seems to be a recent craze to grow plants indoors, so we would like to introduce the next design exhibitio...

London Design Biennale 2020

News, Issue & Events | by London Design Biennale

Home Stories 100 Years, 20 Visionary Interiors

Vitra Design Museum | News, Issue & Events | by Vitra Design Museum

Bauhaus Chicago: Design in the City

News, Issue & Events | by Art Institute Chicago

Bauhaus design is everywhere, but its roots are political

Site-specific / Art-Space | by Quartz

The answer is in the story of the Bauhaus. It’s the hundredth anniversary of the Bauhaus design school and it still has more to teach u...

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