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William Kentridge. That Which Is Not Drawn

Now 2020-10-09 ~ 2021-02-21  
Project Key: #Mixed Media, #Film/Video, #music

-With animation, drawing, cinema, music and theatre, South African artist William Kentridge has built a sprawling work, combining techniques and disciplines.Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1955,.....

Michael Clark_Cosmic Dancer

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Project Key: #dance, #stage, #Performance Art

-Looking back to his meteoric rise as a young choreographer in the 1980s, the exhibition presents a comprehensive vision of Clark’s career to date. It will showcase his unique multi-disciplinary appro.....

deTour 2020 Announces the Matter of Life Theme

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Project Key: #fair, #festival, #life, #hong kong

-As the largest design festival in Hong Kong, deTour is excited to announce that its 6th Design Festival will be held at PMQ, from 27 November – 6 December 2020.Organized by PMQ and sponsored by Creat.....


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Project Key: #Online, #performance, #jazz, #freedom

-Championing the power of jazz, this project fosters freedom, experimentation, improvisation, rhythm, polyrhythm, collaboration, dialogue, and sophistication – hard work fuelled by epiphanies, a call .....

PhotoBrussels Festival

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Project Key: #photo, #Brussels, #festival, #Photography

-PhotoBrussels Festival, organised by Hangar, is a major annual meeting devoted to photography, based on a meaningful theme. A selection of international photographers and emerging young artists shows .....

Sommets du cinéma d’animation

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Project Key: #festival, #Canada, #Animation

-L'affiche de la 19e édition des Sommets prend vie !La bande-annonce des Sommets 2020 est une réalisation et une animation de Patrick Bouchard.Production : Office national du film du CanadaConception :.....
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