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Facing Darkness

Now 2020-07-27 ~ 2021-07-30  
Project Key: #street, #performance, #experience

-Artists are second responders, and this exhibition of 25 varied artists from 18th Street’s artist community present the multivalent ways artworks address the human capacity to overcome hardships on b.....

Hyphen-Labs. PushMi PullYu

Past: Archive展  
Project Key: #Installation, #digital, #design, #Light, #experience

-transforms the exhibition space into an experimental laboratory and a stage for swarm intelligent robots. Shadows of robots scurry through a room bathed in colored light. Visitors experience the enigm.....

Lee Miller and Picasso

Now 2020-07-16 ~ 2020-10-29  
Project Key: #picasso, #history, #man ray, #experience

-PRE-BOOKING ONLINE IS ESSENTIAL.  An exhibition celebrating the friendship of Lee Miller and Picasso from 1937 until the end of their lives, it includes personal photographs and interior shots of.....

WALKTHROUGHS - Can Büyükberber, Martina Menegon, Pastor/Placzek

Past: Archive展  
Project Key: #Media Art, #walk, #experience

-Walkthroughs is our response to the current challenging times. With museums implementing large layoffs, galleries cancelling shows and foreseeing closure, art fairs being postponed, we have been refle.....

Sandy Skoglund: Winter

Past: Archive展  

-Winter—ten years in the making—is a multifaceted project that includes sculpture, installation, and photography. Portions of Skoglund’s immersive tableau will be on view in the gallery, along with .....
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