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On the spur of the moment with Joachim Lambrechts

Now 2020.05.15 ~ 2020.06.27  
Red-eyed cowboys smoke cigarettes and sit astride rearing horses while a burly woman practises the guitar on a blue wooden chair. For his first solo exhibition entitled On the spur of the moment&...

Falling Forward : Janna Watson

Past: Archive 2020.05.08 ~ 2020.05.12  
"This body of work represents the movement of energy from the mush of the unconscious, and translating this into some kind of human reality." Janna Watson's compelling abstract compositions use c...


Past: Archive 2019.10.23 ~ 2019.11.22  
Baik Art is pleased to present Anxiously Optimistic, the gallery’s first solo show for Los Angeles-based artist, Kenny Scharf. From recent paintings to archived prints and editioned collaborations, S...

Guildhall Session Orchestra New Music for Illuminated River

Past: Archive 2019.09.21 ~ 2019.11.10  
NEW YORK – Fou Gallery is pleased to present past is present is future, egg tempera paintings, and porcelain sculptures by Michael Eade. This is Eade’s second solo exhibition with the gallery, ...

Wu Tsang: There is no nonviolent way to look at somebody

Past: Archive 2019.09.04 ~ 2020.01.12  
Project Key: #documentary, #Film, #solo, #Exhibition
Wu Tsang’s solo exhibition There is no nonviolent way to look at somebody presents films in dialogue with her sculptural practice, working with the interaction of glass, light and text, and including...

24th International Solo-Dance-Theatre Festival

Past: Archive 2019.08.12 ~ 2019.11.11  
Project Key: #solo, #dance, #festival, #Competition, #prize
The festival will provide an overall view of the latest trends in the solo-dance-theatre scene. As participants in the competition, choreographers and dancers from around the world, are requested to p...
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