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Art in the Age of Black Girl Magic: Photography & Documentary

Now 2020-11-02 ~ 2020-11-30  3Day Left
Project Key: #Photography, #documentary, #history

-Explore the work of Black women and non-binary artists and photographersThis five-week online course examines the role of photography and documentary in the practices of Black women and non-binary art.....

Future 20: Last Place On Earth

Now 2020-08-17 ~ 2020-12-31  
Project Key: #Film, #Future, #Online

-uture 20’s Last Place On Earth, commissioned by HOME as part of their cross-art-form training initiative for young artists aged 18-25 and created with Studio Morison, consists of unworldly envir.....

PhotoBrussels Festival

Now 2020-11-20 ~ 2020-12-20  23Day Left
Project Key: #photo, #Brussels, #festival, #Photography

-PhotoBrussels Festival, organised by Hangar, is a major annual meeting devoted to photography, based on a meaningful theme. A selection of international photographers and emerging young artists shows .....

Jock McFadyen Goes to the Pictures

Now 2020-11-14 ~ 2021-04-21  
Project Key: #city, #Photography, #picture

-Jock McFadyen, 'Great Junction Street', 1998. © the artist. Photo Antonia Reeve.This major exhibition by contemporary artist Jock McFadyen displays new and existing paintings, alongside works from the.....

Spectra 1 Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival Exhibit

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Project Key: #Photography, #festival, #contact

-Photography has the power to engage by sparking the imagination and eliciting a response unique to each viewer. Spectra 1 comprises work by 15 members from Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photograp.....

18th Zagreb Film Festival

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Project Key: #Film, #festival, #Zagreb, #Online

-Zagreb Film Festival is one of the central and most visited cultural events, and the largest international film festival in Croatia. It is held during November in Zagreb and presents to its audie.....
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