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Printing without a Press online

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Project Key: #Press, #printing, #Prints & Multiples, #class, #Online

-Informal and friendly workshop for beginners and experienced artists in various types of printing methods that can easily be done by hand without the use of expensive equipment. Wednesday evening 3-31.....

Online Viewing Room - Painting Abstraction: 197X - Today

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Project Key: #abstraction, #Online, #Painting, #Contemporary

-This online viewing room showcases a selection of works by innovative historical and contemporary artists who have returned to and reinvented abstraction in order to speak to the present and future wo.....

Printing without a Press

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Project Key: #Online, #class, #printing

-Learn some creative printing techniques at home in small friendly online classes on Wednesday evenings or Thursday mornings.Continuing my face to face courses that I have been running at Lewisham Arth.....

On the sea

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Project Key: #Online, #vr, #Exhibition, #Painting, #sea

-Alexandra Koufali is a Greek British  multidiscipline artist. This body  of work consists of oil paintings on canvas and on wood panel. Koufali uses a limited palette and bold .....

Oncetype by Kelly Moonkyung Choi

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-Graphic designer Kelly Moonkyung Choi's typography project "Oncetype" is an art project that gives new functions to wooden printing type that has lost its original position today.Kelly Moonkyung Choi .....

A Long Time Short

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Project Key: #Film/Video, #Photography, #SCREEN, #long, #short, #time, #moment

-"Time does not pass by faster than it used to, but we are passing by it more quickly." (George Orwell)Looking at the clock, time advances at a steady pace. But almost every experience of time con.....
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