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South Korean Contemporary Art

Now 2021-01-15 ~ 2021-02-14  21Day Left

-Choi Soowhan creates meticulous, immaculate, yet expressive images by drilling holes of various sizes (0.4-3mm) in a black acrylic plate (Plexiglass) or laminate, and then LED backlight.....


Project Key: #Drawing Painting, #Online, #Mixed Media

-An online exhibition of paintings and mixed media artEasy to visit online exhibition, just follow the arrows to move closer or away from each picture. Each image is named and has measurements and tech.....

William Kentridge. That Which Is Not Drawn

Now 2020-10-09 ~ 2021-02-21  29Day Left
Project Key: #Mixed Media, #Film/Video, #music

-With animation, drawing, cinema, music and theatre, South African artist William Kentridge has built a sprawling work, combining techniques and disciplines.Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1955,.....

Rag Lockdown 2020

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-An Online Exhibition at of 454 drawings created by 16 artists from West London, members of Riverside Artists Group (RAG), over 37 days during Lockdown.The work originated.....

Visibility is a Trap

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Project Key: #Mixed Media, #Media Art, #trap, #visibility

-(English version below):In der Ausstellung "Visibility is a Trap" zeigt Sonja Nilsson zwei Arbeiten aus einer Serie, die sich mit dem soziologischen Konzept des "Passing" auseinandersetzen. Passing is.....

Stories from before

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Project Key: #Mixed Media, #Installation, #before, #story

-Image: A trip to Jordan River 2 photography on Hannemuhle paper by Angeliki MantaTheprevailing sense of temporality provokes to rethink historical and personal past, explore the mechanisms of mem.....
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