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Cooper & Gorfer Between These Folded Walls, Utopia

Now 2020-07-29 ~ 2021-02-28  
Project Key: #Utopia, #portraits, #history

-Cooper & Gorfer Between These Folded Walls, UtopiaIn a series of richly-imagined portraits, the artistic duo Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer explore the idea of Utopia in the age of the new diaspora......

Outsiders: Inuit Masters

Now 2020-07-18 ~ 2020-08-15  5Day Left
Project Key: #history, #Drawing Painting, #Canada, #Inuit

-John Kavik, Thomassie Kudluk, Elizabeth Nutaraaluk Aulatjut, Françoise Oklaga, Bessie Scottie Iquginnaaq and Annie Taipanakeach.Marion Scott Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition featuring t.....

Lee Miller and Picasso

Now 2020-07-16 ~ 2020-10-29  
Project Key: #picasso, #history, #man ray, #experience

-PRE-BOOKING ONLINE IS ESSENTIAL.  An exhibition celebrating the friendship of Lee Miller and Picasso from 1937 until the end of their lives, it includes personal photographs and interior shots of.....

Hortensia Mi Kafchin. Death Is Not a Piece of Cake

Past: Archive 2020-02-15 ~ 2020-04-11  

- It was the year the artist, who grew up in a male body with the name Mihuț Boșcu Kafchin, declared her trans­sexu­al­ity and began the lengthy pro­cess of tran­si­tion­ing. First, she short­ened.....

Cartographies of Care

Past: Archive 2020-02-15 ~ 2020-03-13  
Project Key: #black, #queer, #Feminist, #history, #Exhibition

-The exhibition Cartographies of Care by Edna Bonhomme and Nnenna Onuoha, which opens during Black History/Futures Month, charts not only Black Berliners’ often-difficult experiences with the German h.....
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