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Spatial Affairs. Worlding. A tér világlása

Now 2021-04-29 ~ 2021-08-30  
Project Key: #Online, #design, #experience, #internet, #browser

-»Spatial Affairs. Worlding – A tér világlása« is an exploratory online environment, a virtual multi-user exhibition populated by crawling artworks, where visitors’ avatars coexist with moving bodies.....

Pandemic fairy tales by Masha Trotzky

Now 2021-06-06 ~ 2021-06-26  7Day Left

-DUO Contradiction Gallery will present a solo exhibition by established Russian artist and designer Masha Trotzky “Pandemic fairy tales”.The era of Pandemic came unexpectedly and changed the world i.....

Akutsprechstunde - Visita d'urgenza: Tim Cierpiszewski

Now 2021-06-01 ~ 2021-06-24  6Day Left
Project Key: #digital, #space, #social, #Berlin

-Akutsprechstunde - Visita d'urgenza: Tim Cierpiszewski In Betrieb am 4. Juni 2021, 16.30-19.30 UhrFür die Ausstellung RUNNING WITH THE FOX hat Tim Cierpiszewski eine Wandarbeit konzipiert, die sich üb.....

Pencil for Two

Now 2021-05-28 ~ 2021-06-26  7Day Left
Project Key: #Drawing Painting, #graphic, #Pencil

-Flavio Apel is of German-Italian descent and grew up until the age of seven in a villa in a picturesque town not far from Rome. The pencil drawings on paper initially make the viewer doubt his own per.....

VOGUE: The Arab Issue

View Archive  
Project Key: #Fashion, #culture, #color, #Arab

-Alive with color and patterns, this immersive exhibition brings together five important series developed by Hassan Hajjaj over the past three decades.Vibrant portraiture set inside a world of bold col.....

The Power of Advertising

Now 2021-03-01 ~ 2021-09-03  

-Omer Tiroche Gallery is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition, The Power of Advertising, which examines the work of five leading modern artists who started their careers working in graph.....
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