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Now 2021-06-11 ~ 2021-07-31  
Project Key: #puzzled, #Exhibition, #Austria

-In the exhibition project puzzled the artistic practice of Austrian artist Susanna Flock pairs up with that of Montréal-based Swiss artist Xénia Laffely. While Flock is active, above all, in the mediu.....

The Room

Now 2021-06-10 ~ 2021-07-09  19Day Left
Project Key: #Exhibition, #room, #Online

-The Room takes its inspiration from the A.Tarkovsky movie Stalker. It represents works of 9 different artists who works with different concepts, backgrounds and mediums, still there is something commo.....

Madeleine Bialke - Significant Other

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-Taymour Grahne Projects is pleased to present 'Significant Other', an online solo exhibition by NYC-based artist Madeleine Bialke, opening virtually on May 18, 2021.'One summer, a ranger pointed out a.....

Morgan Quaintance: Missing Time

Now 2021-05-01 ~ 2021-06-30  10Day Left
Project Key: #missing, #time, #history, #memory, #Film/Video

-By weaving considerations of alien abduction, cold war history, state concealment and hypnosis, Missing Time centres on the ideas around memory and the loss of memory, as experienced by an i.....

Simon Lehner | I'm a liar, but a good one

Now 2021-05-28 ~ 2021-07-31  
Project Key: #Austria, #SOLO EXHIBITION, #questions, #memory

-"I'm a liar, but a good one", states Simon Lehner. The title of his solo exhibition at KOENIG2 investigates questions of memory, truth, trauma, authorship and artistic production, which are expressed .....

Symptoms Of The Future

Now 2021-05-28 ~ 2021-06-27  6Day Left
Project Key: #Exhibition, #Future, #Symptoms, #Belgium

-SYMPTOMS OF THE FUTURE: EXHIBITION IN THE BOX starts from a publication that was collectively developed over past year by Dušica Dražić (Out of Sight), Mirjana Dragosavljević (Stereovizija) and Irena .....
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