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Hardeep Sahota: Bhangra Lexicon

Now 2021-01-09 ~ 2021-05-09  22Day Left
Project Key: #movement, #Craft&Sculpture, #Lockdown, #Online

-Bhangra Lexicon is the world’s first ‘visual dictionary’ of movements found within this beautiful artform, carefully compiled by World Bhangra Day founder, the Huddersfield-based dancer, Hardeep Sa.....

The Emancipation of Judy - Robert Lang

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-Judy has only ever been known as a blow-up sex-doll. She is the epitome of the anti-feminist object, but, as photographed by Robert Lang Lang, -brings a bittersweet and humanized side to the sex indus.....

Alexander Calder Modern from the Start

Now 2021-03-14 ~ 2021-08-07  

-One of the most beloved American artists of the last century, Alexander Calder reimagined sculpture as an experiment in space and motion.He upended centuries-old notions that sculpture should be stati.....

Radical Craft 2

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Project Key: #Craft&Sculpture, #Berlin, #Radical

-Radical Craft 2 in BerlinDie zweite, weiterführende Ausstellung „Radical-Craft 2“ führt das in 2020 begonnene Thema weiter fort. In der ersten Ausstellung darum, das Kunsthandwerk mit Designposition.....

Oncetype by Kelly Moonkyung Choi

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-Graphic designer Kelly Moonkyung Choi's typography project "Oncetype" is an art project that gives new functions to wooden printing type that has lost its original position today.Kelly Moonkyung Choi .....

Not Alone

Now 2020-08-24 ~ 2021-07-31  
Project Key: #Online, #WEB, #Installation, #Craft&Sculpture

-Golden Thread Gallery announces 'Not Alone', a unique touring exhibition created for our strange new world. With isolation measures, travel restrictions and quarantine rules affecting art exhibitions .....
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