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Facing Darkness

Now 2020-07-27 ~ 2021-07-30  
Project Key: #street, #performance, #experience

-Artists are second responders, and this exhibition of 25 varied artists from 18th Street’s artist community present the multivalent ways artworks address the human capacity to overcome hardships on b.....

AVAF Virtual Opening Reception & Curator Talk

Past: Archive展  

-Join us for the virtual opening reception of our latest virtual exhibition, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, on view entirely within The Bass’ Instagram gallery @TheBassSquared. We’ll celebrate t.....

Los Bravú: Unflappable

Past: Archive展  

-Unflappable is a rare body of work – completed in the months of the COVID-19 global crisis. To describe the artist duo is to allow for disruption and continuity to exist together, to perceive the sta.....


Now 2020-08-14 ~ 2020-10-11  18Day Left
Project Key: #Photography, #montage, #performance

-Most well known for her photomontage, this exhibition explores the diverse range of Linder’s practice. It explores Linder as performance artist, zine-maker, musician, documentary-photographer, collab.....

Macht Natur

Past: Archive展  
Project Key: #studio, #education, #nature, #study

-What power do we have over nature? And how much power does nature have over us?Nature is what we call all things non-man-made, yet we have influence on our entire planet.Boundaries between nature and .....

WORKSHOP Free Space Project FREE online workshop in Anthotype Prints

Project Key: #Online, #workshop, #prints

-Image: 6 different types of anthotype printsLearn to make Anthotype prints with Megan Daly - a traditional photographic printmaking technique using organic materials like plants, flowers and food.....
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