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Digital Collage Live Online Course

Past: Archive 2020.04.27 ~ 2020.04.30  
Project Key: #Online, #study, #Course, #Collage
Digital Collage is a technique that offers one the chance to explore different creative alternatives, in order to push the visual boundaries of a design, illustration or art piece.  In this works...

Read LACE Publications Online

Project Key: #archive, #publication, #Online
Welcome to LACE Publications: Read a selection of  LACE publications for free.As a non-profit, our goal is to provide visitors with new experiences and art forms so that they can find new ways to...

Poetry and Performance. The Eastern European Perspective

Now 2020.03.27 ~ 2020.06.08  1Day Left
In Eastern Europe, we can observe peculiar sensitivity both to the power of language and its fragility and vulnerability, which has been developing over many decades. In the second half of the twentie...

Morbid Fairy Tale

Past: Archive 2020.02.16 ~ 2020.02.28  
Project Key: #Installation, #interior, #object, #Fairy Tale
Quasi-fairytales as ordinary interior objects.Hand-drawn illustration based Textiles Print Design Exhibition near the Seonjeongneung park (Royal Tomb).Once upon a time,There was a girl trapped in an e...

Dinosaurs and Astronauts

Past: Archive 2020.02.13 ~ 2020.03.01  
With Dinosaurs and Astronauts Susanne Schmitt creates an anachronistic cosmos of works in response to neo-liberal performance pressure and structures of Turbo-Capitalism.By using lead glass and cerami...

Life Drawing Course with Roy Munday

Past: Archive 2020.01.28 ~ 2020.03.31  
Project Key: #workshop, #study, #Drawing Painting
AboutRoy Munday leads a 10 week programme of evening lessons to develop your skills in life drawing, including accurate measuring, shading and drawing techniques. Suitable for both newcomers / beginne...
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