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America 1970s/80s Hofer, Metzner, Meyerowitz, Newton

Now 2020-10-09 ~ 2021-05-16  28Day Left
Project Key: #camera, #Fashion, #Photography

-In the Helmut Newton Stiftung in the Museum für Fotografie in Berlin the exhibition “America 1970s/80s” presents works by Evelyn Hofer, Sheila Metzner, Joel Meyerowitz, and Helmut Newton.H.....

We=Link: Sideways

Now 2020-11-21 ~ 2021-05-23  
Project Key: #pandemic, #Online, #digital, #link

-The works presented in this online exhibition span three decades of net art practice, from arguably the first internet-era artwork of the Thing BBS in 1991 to the most current production continuing to.....

Beverly Buchanan: Shacks and Legends, 1985-2011

Now 2021-03-20 ~ 2021-05-01  13Day Left
Project Key: #memory, #travel, #archive

-Beverly Buchanan: Shacks and Legends, 1985-2011Curated by Aurélie Bernard WortsmanMarch 20 – May 1, 2021“I want to give people who can neither read nor write but made all the measurements and built .....

50th International Film Festival Rotterdam

Now 2021-02-01 ~ 2021-06-06  
Project Key: #Online, #Screening, #Film/Video, #Animation

-International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) offers a high quality line-up of carefully selected fiction and documentary feature films, short films and media art. The festival's focus is on recent wor.....

Private Mythologies. Marta's Birthday

Now 2019-12-06 ~ 2021-12-31  
Project Key: #Dream, #world, #Mythologies, #Exhibition

-The dream of perfect art capable of changing the world – one of the main postulates of the first avant-garde – has largely remained in the sphere of utopia. However, questioning the border between e.....

Nature is Ours: Forest of Cultures

Now 2021-03-03 ~ 2021-12-31  
Project Key: #cultures, #forest, #nature

-Grizedale Forest and Signal Film and Media, with support from Art Fund, have commissioned the digital artist and curator Jessica El Mal to create a new, online participatory artwork responding to Griz.....
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