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Paul Jasmin. Lost Angeles

Now 2020-09-24 ~ 2020-12-31  
Project Key: #Photography, #lost, #Dream

-Renee, Desert Hot Springs, 2003 Archival Pigment Print 16 x 20 inches, Open Edition 20 x 24 inches, Ed. of 10 26 ¾ x 40 inches, Ed. of 5 40 x 60 inches, Ed. of 3 *Availability of certain sizes can var.....

Allard Prize Photography Competition

Now 2020-09-01 ~ 2020-11-01  
Project Key: #Competition, #prize, #Photography

-The bi-annual Allard Prize Photography Competition, which recognizes photographic excellence reflecting the ideals of the Allard Prize, is adjudicated by the Allard Prize Committee and Maxe Fisher, As.....

Lerato Shadi. Maru A Pula Is A Song Of Happiness

Now 2020-09-13 ~ 2021-02-07  
Project Key: #Film/Video, #Photography, #signs, #happiness, #song

-*Lerato Shadi, Lefa Le, 2019, Neon-Sign Installation (detail). Courtesy Lerato Shadi, Photo: (cc by-nc-nd), 2019Lerato Shadi makes the invisible or overlooked visible in her work and criticis.....

Urban Landscape

Now 2020-01-24 ~ 2021-01-24  
Project Key: #Online, #urban, #landscape, #Photography

-Fred Zafran's photographs offer a quiet exploration into the constructed spaces we inhabit. He turns his lens to our streets, our interiors, and our undergrounds. He creates images with a cinematic-li.....

Cooper and Gorfer Between These Folded Walls, Utopia

Now 2020-08-28 ~ 2021-02-28  
Project Key: #Utopia, #diaspora, #Photography

-In a series of richly-imagined portraits, the artistic duo Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer explore the idea of Utopia in the age of the new diaspora.Young women who have been forced to uproot their lives.....

A Long Time Short

Now 2020-08-30 ~ 2020-12-13  
Project Key: #Film/Video, #Photography, #SCREEN, #long, #short, #time, #moment

-"Time does not pass by faster than it used to, but we are passing by it more quickly." (George Orwell)Looking at the clock, time advances at a steady pace. But almost every experience of time con.....
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