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Now 2020.07.11 ~ 2020.08.07  2Day Left
Project Key: #freedom, #culture, #BLACKNESS

-‘BLACKNESS’ is an art exhibition produced by Wonzimer Gallery to provide exposure for visual and auditory art created by black artists. Curated by Tea Vickers and Cheyanne Washington on account of l.....

Mario Pfeifer

Past: Archive 2020.07.01 ~ 2020.08.03  

-Mario Pfeifer investigates the socio-political background, adding cross-cultural references. His installations combine documentary footage with music and a sci-fi video aesthetic. Themes include diffe.....

Spider's Thread

Now 2020.06.24 ~ 2020.08.09  4Day Left

-Gaku Tsutaja, Spider’s Thread: This Landscape, 2020. Sumi ink, gesso, and charcoal on canvas. 72 x 56 x 1 . inches / 182.9 x 142.2 x 3.8 cmThe world has been in a very different reality these past th.....

Cartographies of Care

Past: Archive 2020.02.15 ~ 2020.03.13  
Project Key: #black, #queer, #Feminist, #history, #Exhibition

-The exhibition Cartographies of Care by Edna Bonhomme and Nnenna Onuoha, which opens during Black History/Futures Month, charts not only Black Berliners’ often-difficult experiences with the German h.....
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