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» words were never enough « solo show by Mire Lee

Upcoming 2020-09-24 ~ 2020-10-30  

-From nascent stages Mire Lee has tested the limits of materials and mechanization, developing an alternative medium that escapes the standards of traditional sculpture.In lieu of a vernissage, the gal.....

GlogauAIR Open Studios September 2020

Now 2020-09-18 ~ 2020-10-04  11Day Left
Project Key: #Studios, #space, #artists

-GlogauAIR is very excited to invite you to our Open Studios from the 18th to the 19th of September 2020 (on-site event). After we had to move this event, showcasing the work of our artist in residence.....

Hyphen-Labs. PushMi PullYu

Past: Archive展  
Project Key: #Installation, #digital, #design, #Light, #experience

-transforms the exhibition space into an experimental laboratory and a stage for swarm intelligent robots. Shadows of robots scurry through a room bathed in colored light. Visitors experience the enigm.....

Katayoun Bahrami: I Will Plant My Hands In The Garden

Past: Archive展  
Project Key: #plant, #Garden, #Installation

-Driveway is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition, I Will Plant My Hands In The Garden by Katayoun Bahrami, featuring an exhibition projection of new works and an on-site installation......

Stop Motion Montréal 2020

Past: Archive展  

-Festival Stop Motion Montréal is the world’s first festival dedicated to showcasing films animated exclusively using stop motion techniques.With its use in television and feature films, stop-motion a.....

Harmony of the Spheres

Past: Archive展  
Project Key: #Installation, #Spheres, #harmony

-With Harmony of the Spheres, Neeko Paluzzi continues his interest in merging musical tones with photographic tones. Paluzzi' draws on the long-held belief that the visible planets moved through space .....
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