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Now 2020.06.05 ~ 2020.09.04  
The first thing you need to know is: colour. All paintings in the series are rendered in black, white and gold, but every artwork is different. Examining the duality of life (black and white), and the...

Bending Light

Now 2020.06.05 ~ 2020.08.14  
Project Key: #Light, #Bending, #James Turrell, #Installation
James Turrell, Atlantis, Medium Rectangle Glass, 2019, L.E.D. light, etched glass and shallow space, 56" × 73" (142.2 cm × 185.4 cm) © James TurrellBringing together a focused selection of works that ...

FRANK MAIER - Goodbye Mauritius

Now 2020.06.05 ~ 2020.07.11  
Much has already been thought and written about the head and portrait form of the well-known Black Square, first realized in 1915. The total detachment from the object and from the phenomena of n...

Wide Open: Soul Pictures – Soul Spaces

Now 2020.06.03 ~ 2020.10.12  
Art and spirituality have much in common. Traditionally, artists are thought to have an exceptionally sensitive gift of perception. Even today, they address major philosophical, psychological or spiri...


Now 2020.05.24 ~ 2020.06.12  5Day Left
Artist Note:My work starts from “unknown”, Something I am not familiar with, things that I do not know yet.Wanting to know more about the materials that I’ve never used before, or the methods that ...


Now 2020.05.29 ~ 2020.08.16  
Project Key: #Installation, #Exhibition, #information
iMAGE: Installation view, "Das offene Musuem – die Stadt", Kunsthalle Basel, 1970. Photo: Hannes-Dirk FluryAn international group exhibition introducing a diverse range of contemporary artistic ...
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