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JEFRË: Points of Connection

Now 2020-09-24 ~ 2021-01-03  
Project Key: #Installation, #Media Art, #connection

-Designed to be a touchless, interactive exhibition, Points of Connection presents a series of site-specific installations and sculptures constructed at a human scale, introducing the audienc.....

Fragmented Narratives

Now 2020-09-26 ~ 2020-11-06  
Project Key: #Film/Video, #Installation, #Dream

-Sharon Paz’s Dare to Dream is an interactive video installation that positions the viewer between reality and fiction. Based on research about the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, the work is .....

GlogauAIR Open Studios September 2020

Now 2020-09-18 ~ 2020-10-04  3Day Left
Project Key: #Studios, #space, #artists

-GlogauAIR is very excited to invite you to our Open Studios from the 18th to the 19th of September 2020 (on-site event). After we had to move this event, showcasing the work of our artist in residence.....

Hyphen-Labs. PushMi PullYu

Past: Archive展  
Project Key: #Installation, #digital, #design, #Light, #experience

-transforms the exhibition space into an experimental laboratory and a stage for swarm intelligent robots. Shadows of robots scurry through a room bathed in colored light. Visitors experience the enigm.....

Urban Landscape

Now 2020-01-24 ~ 2021-01-24  
Project Key: #Online, #urban, #landscape, #Photography

-Fred Zafran's photographs offer a quiet exploration into the constructed spaces we inhabit. He turns his lens to our streets, our interiors, and our undergrounds. He creates images with a cinematic-li.....

Katayoun Bahrami: I Will Plant My Hands In The Garden

Past: Archive展  
Project Key: #plant, #Garden, #Installation

-Driveway is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition, I Will Plant My Hands In The Garden by Katayoun Bahrami, featuring an exhibition projection of new works and an on-site installation......
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