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Call for Art 『Prix Whanki 2020』

Past: Archive 2020.05.25 ~ 2020.05.29  
『Prix Whanki 2020』Established with Whanki Foundation, 『Prix Whanki』 is a competition supporting artists from all over the world and contributing to open the cultural and artistic arena for everyon...

A Dream Within a Dream

Past: Archive 2020.05.20 ~ 2020.05.24  
Project Key: #Dream, #Garden, #Installation, #site-specific, #space, #site
A DREAM WITHIN A DREAMa site-specific group exhibition in a garden in WarsawA DREAM WITHIN A DREAMa site-specific group exhibition in a gardenartists: Marceli Adamczyk, Jan Eustachy Wolski, Marta Nied...

Glasgow International: Soufiane Ababri

Past: Archive 2020.04.24 ~ 2020.05.10  
His work often critiques prescriptive gender roles, highlighting the legacies of oppressive colonial structures, specifically relating to racism and homophobia. ‘Bedworks’, for example, is a series ...

2020 V1. Texture & Painting

Past: Archive 2020.04.12 ~ 2020.05.01  
6 contemporary painters in this exhibition investigate the material property.Artist Run Space Kimyo presents 15 selected artists from our opencall ‘Kimyo Opencall 2020’. The exhibition comprises of ...

We Disappear

Past: Archive 2020.04.16 ~ 2020.05.02  
Project Key: #street, #Disappear, #Installation
“We Disappear” is a solo exhibition from artist Tiago Duarte exploring a printmaking practice writ large.Conceived as a series of artworks that translate hand made drawings as far away as possible f...


Past: Archive 2020.03.22 ~ 2020.04.10  
Art jewellery exhibition by contemporary artist and animal rights activist nLoronLoro is an animal rights activist,reveals behind the scene stories on animal abuse and animal testing through her art j...
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