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Now 2021-05-14 ~ 2021-06-15  1Day Left
Project Key: #Online, #Drawing Painting, #artworks

-Robert Deyber's artwork is full of surprises. Every canvas revels in the artist's sense of humor, each painting a visual rendering of a clever turn on a common phrase. Despite his sense of fun, howeve.....

We are Family | Let's make Art : Word Art

Now 2021-02-22 ~ 2021-06-20  6Day Left
Project Key: #Online, #artwork, #class, #workshop

-Let’s Make Art are treating you to another fun activity for all the family.Inspired by the works in A Picture of Health and Jo Spence from Fairy Tales to Phototherapy, Let’s Make.....

Artists' Moving Image Works — Edition Nº 23

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Project Key: #Photography, #Online, #edition, #IMAGE, #works

-The 6x6 project platform launched on 17 June, 2017. Since then, there have been twenty-three editions with six different artists. There are now a total of one hundred and thirty-eight artists’ profil.....

Laboratorio de Exploración Solar

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Project Key: #Light, #study

-LABORATORIO DE EXPERIMENTACIÓN LUMÍNICA SOLAREl Laboratorio surge a partir de la exhaustiva reflexión sobre la creación de obras artísticas basadas en la luz como materia primigenia. A lo largo d.....

Art @ Home – Activity Pack ~ Pallas Projects resources for schools

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Project Key: #home, #study, #experience

-Every year Pallas Projects invites students groups from local schools to visit our Periodical Review exhibition, to look at and talk about new work by Irish artists from around the country.P.....

We Are Family | Let’s Make Art – Drawing With Sound

Project Key: #Drawing, #sound, #class

-What colour is the sound of a cat meowing?What kind of shape is the sound of a flock of pigeons?How do you draw the sound of running water?Arnolfini’s friends at Let’s Make Art have created another .....
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