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Outwitting Cancer

Now 2021-05-01 ~ 2021-09-01  
Project Key: #Cancer, #research

-The Francis Crick Institute is to open the UK’s first exhibition exploring the trail-blazing research that is turning the tide on cancer.Outwitting Cancer will be an immersive exhibition that ex.....

Online course: ‘Rules of the Game’: an introduction to task-based performance and art

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Project Key: #performance, #class, #Online

-Through a variety of practical experiments, discussions of case studies, and selected readings, this online course examines the practice of using task-led activities as a means to conceive and compose.....

Online: Tea, Cake & Art

Now 2021-01-05 ~ 2021-06-29  
Project Key: #Online, #class, #TEA, #cake

-Tea, Cake & Art is a creative social group for older people, particularly those living alone, who would like to meet and spend time with others.The sessions held in the gallery are currently suspe.....

ECC Performance Art Online Course: Performing the Memory

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Project Key: #Performance Art, #class, #memory

-This online course focuses on memory as immediate inspiration and tool for creating performance art.This practice-based course focuses on the concept of memory as immediate inspriation and tool for cr.....

Digital and Material Artistic Research Centre

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Project Key: #research, #sound, #digital, #Media, #Online

-The Digital and Material Artistic Research Centre at the University of Derby is the academic research centre for the School of Arts and is home to artistic research disseminated as practice, exhibitio.....


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Project Key: #mute, #Online, #Exhibition, #talk, #collaborate, #network, #new york

-UN/MUTE-10002 is an online residency that provides European artists an opportunity to collaborate with New York City-based network of artists.Creating a fair and equitable space after COVID shuttered .....
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