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Nothing Ever Happened (Yet)

Now 2021-04-25 ~ 2021-05-30  22Day Left

-“Nothing Ever Happened (Yet)” is an expression of a search movement beyond supposed certainties, which, by invoking the medium of photography, is still— in the digital now—playing itself forward.“.....

We=Link: Sideways

Now 2020-11-21 ~ 2021-05-23  15Day Left
Project Key: #pandemic, #Online, #digital, #link

-The works presented in this online exhibition span three decades of net art practice, from arguably the first internet-era artwork of the Thing BBS in 1991 to the most current production continuing to.....

Digital and Material Artistic Research Centre

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Project Key: #research, #sound, #digital, #Media, #Online

-The Digital and Material Artistic Research Centre at the University of Derby is the academic research centre for the School of Arts and is home to artistic research disseminated as practice, exhibitio.....

Plicnik Space Initiative

Now 2020-10-15 ~ 2021-10-15  
Project Key: #Online, #digital, #space

-The D02.2 launches on 15 October Curatorial experiment that observes the spatial dissonances between offline and online spaces. Launching the D02.2 spacecraft on 15 October..


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Project Key: #FEELINGS, #Online, #digital, #synthesis

-synthesis gallery presents FEELINGS, an online exhibition of works by aaajiao, Matthew Gantt, Claudia Hart, LaJuné McMillian, Rachel Rossin and Kathi Schulz. Curated by Jeffrey Grunthaner and George V.....


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Project Key: #digital, #community, #journal, #publication

-MIMAZINA is our digital community journal, made with artist group Foundation Press, that brings together voices of communities & artists from the Tees Valley. Packed with stories, voices, poe.....
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