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Lee Don-soon Solo exhibition

Now 2020-07-24 ~ 2020-08-16  6Day Left

-2020 Seongnam notable artists’ Exhibition 1Lee Don-soonLife in a Separated City-From the Gwangju Housing Complex Incident2020. 7. 24 (Friday) - 8. 16 (Sunday)Vandal Gallery, Seongnam Cube Art Museum .....


Now 2020-07-30 ~ 2020-10-31  

-Anna Laudel Düsseldorf showcases “Assimilation” by Turkish artist Onur Hastürk, recognised by his combined style of Islamic painting and design with contemporary art, between 30 July - 31 October 20.....

Street - paintings

Now 2020-08-04 ~ 2020-08-15  5Day Left
Project Key: #Drawing Painting, #street, #life

-This is Ritva Larsson´s second exhibition at the gallery Pleiku concerning the same topic: ”Street”."In these works I explore street life, focusing on the people living in marginal. My interests inc.....

Julia Gröning and Marie-Charlotte Nouza ‘Privacy Please'

Now 2020-07-23 ~ 2020-08-19  9Day Left

-The Andreas Reinsch Project is pleased to present the two-person exhibition ‘Privacy Please’ with two Berlin-based artists Julia Gröning and Marie-Charlotte Nouza. The exhibition will include recent.....

Portuguese Tile Painting

Past: Archive 2020-07-22 ~ 2020-07-25  

-Cristina Vilarinho is a designer, painter and dreamer from the north of Portugal, she loves to find inspiration in Portuguese literature. Beside her work of traditional tile painting for restoration, .....

Outsiders: Inuit Masters

Now 2020-07-18 ~ 2020-08-15  5Day Left
Project Key: #history, #Drawing Painting, #Canada, #Inuit

-John Kavik, Thomassie Kudluk, Elizabeth Nutaraaluk Aulatjut, Françoise Oklaga, Bessie Scottie Iquginnaaq and Annie Taipanakeach.Marion Scott Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition featuring t.....
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