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Two Chairs

Now 2020-07-16 ~ 2021-07-31  
Project Key: #chair, #story, #Drawing Painting, #Online, #artworks

-Suddenly the world locks down and writers and artists are left sitting in chairs at computers, talking to themselves and each other. Their conversations have resulted in 11&nb.....

Los Bravú: Unflappable

Past: Archive展  

-Unflappable is a rare body of work – completed in the months of the COVID-19 global crisis. To describe the artist duo is to allow for disruption and continuity to exist together, to perceive the sta.....

Macht Natur

Past: Archive展  
Project Key: #studio, #education, #nature, #study

-What power do we have over nature? And how much power does nature have over us?Nature is what we call all things non-man-made, yet we have influence on our entire planet.Boundaries between nature and .....

WORKSHOP Free Space Project FREE online workshop in Anthotype Prints

Project Key: #Online, #workshop, #prints

-Image: 6 different types of anthotype printsLearn to make Anthotype prints with Megan Daly - a traditional photographic printmaking technique using organic materials like plants, flowers and food.....

CB Hoyo /Fake and Corny/

Past: Archive展  

-Fake and Corny represents CB Hoyo's new explorations of texture and color, compositions of eye-catching proportions, and immense vitality. This collection emerges from the fusion between some of the m.....


Now 2020-06-20 ~ 2020-09-30  9Day Left

-The Transitions Project is a deep collaboration with Professor John Pomeroy of the University of Saskatchewan and the Canmore Coldwater Laboratory, and Professor Trevor Davies of the University of Eas.....
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