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Now 2020.06.05 ~ 2020.09.04  

-The first thing you need to know is: colour. All paintings in the series are rendered in black, white and gold, but every artwork is different. Examining the duality of life (black and white), and the.....

Glasgow International: Soufiane Ababri

Past: Archive 2020.04.24 ~ 2020.05.10  

-His work often critiques prescriptive gender roles, highlighting the legacies of oppressive colonial structures, specifically relating to racism and homophobia. ‘Bedworks’, for example, is a series .....

Como La Flor (Spring Extravaganza)

Past: Archive 2020.04.22 ~ 2020.05.24  
Project Key: #spring, #Flower, #video, #Performance Art, #freedom

-LACE presents an Angeleno lounge-gathering-stage that celebrates the Spring, its uprisings and revolts.  A series of videos, performances and readings inspired by the season of liberation, abunda.....

Debris Dance

Past: Archive 2020.04.03 ~ 2020.04.29  
Project Key: #dance, #Debris, #Drawing Painting

-Danny Leyland (b. 1994) makes work with a visual language informed by a reading of comparative mythology, folklore, mediaeval romance, and archaeology. Sometimes narrative-led, at other times process-.....

Poetry and Performance. The Eastern European Perspective

Past: Archive 2020.03.27 ~ 2020.06.08  

-In Eastern Europe, we can observe peculiar sensitivity both to the power of language and its fragility and vulnerability, which has been developing over many decades. In the second half of the twentie.....

Das Giftraum /// Whos Fuckin Planet! – Photographs by Martyn Goodacre

Past: Archive 2020.02.21 ~ 2020.03.01  
Project Key: #Performance Art, #unemployment

-Back in the 80s and early 90s, when house prices were soaring and public land was being auctioned off to make way for inscrutable developers, a number of small communities were hanging their home swee.....
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