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All Things Call For Their Own Opposite

Upcoming 2020.06.06 ~ 2020.08.01  
Project Key: #frame, #Photography
Timo Seber IDA, 2020 C-Print, framed 96 x 142 cmAll Things Call For Their Own OppositeSarah KsięskaThomas RentmeisterOskar SchmidtTimo SeberOpening: Saturday, June 6, 12 – 7 pmExhibition till August ...

Love Sign

Upcoming 2020.06.06 ~ 2020.08.15  
Project Key: #love, #sign, #Drawing Painting
Featuring: Gina Fischli, Lenard Giller, Isaac Lythgoe, Eric N. Mack, Willa Nasatir, Kayode Ojo, Johannes Oswald, Colin De Land and Kembra Pfahler, Alison Yip

FRANK MAIER - Goodbye Mauritius

Upcoming 2020.06.05 ~ 2020.07.11  
Much has already been thought and written about the head and portrait form of the well-known Black Square, first realized in 1915. The total detachment from the object and from the phenomena of n...

Mark Mulroney | Artist Feature (Online Exclusive)

Now 2020.06.01 ~ 2020.06.07  2Day Left
Project Key: #Drawing Painting, #Online, #nostalgia
Mark Mulroney’s work stems from a familiar nostalgia for comic books and Saturday morning cartoons. Situated between humor and art, pop culture and silliness, Mulroney’s work is playful, comical and...

Wide Open: Soul Pictures – Soul Spaces

Now 2020.06.03 ~ 2020.10.12  
Art and spirituality have much in common. Traditionally, artists are thought to have an exceptionally sensitive gift of perception. Even today, they address major philosophical, psychological or spiri...

Everything is going to be ok

Now 2020.05.23 ~ 2020.07.11  
Project Key: #SCREEN, #tv, #series, #Film/Video
From his image archive An Ongoing Collection of Screengrabs with Reassuring Subtitles with currently 1.200 screenshots from American TV series and movies, Allan McCollum has chosen 400 motif...
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