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Sam Laughlin: Falling wall, rising dust

Now 2021-02-01 ~ 2021-04-30  16Day Left
Project Key: #Film/Video, #Screening, #dust, #rising, #wall

-This February we are delighted to premiere a brand-new film by artist Sam Laughlin. Falling wall, rising dust was especially commissioned in 2019 to document the closing chapter of John Hansard Galler.....

Pompeii MMXIX - Dominique Pétrin

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Project Key: #Installation, #Surface, #wall, #Analog, #digital

-On the occasion of her first solo show at Galerie Charlot, artist Dominique Pétrin takes over the gallery's space with her dazzling in situ installations.Made of silkscreened paper, cut and glued to t.....
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