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Rag Lockdown 2020

Now 2020-07-04 ~ 2021-01-04  

-An Online Exhibition at of 454 drawings created by 16 artists from West London, members of Riverside Artists Group (RAG), over 37 days during Lockdown.The work originated.....

Visibility is a Trap

Past: Archive展  
Project Key: #Mixed Media, #Media Art, #trap, #visibility

-(English version below):In der Ausstellung "Visibility is a Trap" zeigt Sonja Nilsson zwei Arbeiten aus einer Serie, die sich mit dem soziologischen Konzept des "Passing" auseinandersetzen. Passing is.....

Stories from before

Past: Archive展  
Project Key: #Mixed Media, #Installation, #before, #story

-Image: A trip to Jordan River 2 photography on Hannemuhle paper by Angeliki MantaTheprevailing sense of temporality provokes to rethink historical and personal past, explore the mechanisms of mem.....

Call for Art 『Prix Whanki 2020』

Past: Archive展  

-『Prix Whanki 2020』Established with Whanki Foundation, 『Prix Whanki』 is a competition supporting artists from all over the world and contributing to open the cultural and artistic arena for everyon.....


Past: Archive展  

-this is an online exhibition. Access at (v0.0.1) has been released as a desktop application under Multipresent Anti-Aggressive Communal Computer, a.....

“The Seasons” Art Competition

Past: Archive展  
Project Key: #Competition, #Seasons, #Mixed Media, #contest

-“The Seasons” Art Competition[Process]1 => Apply Form below (Please input your Info.)2 => Please e-mail us the image file(s) (including descriptions and your profiles) attached.[EMAIL] support.....
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