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Artist in Residence Program 2019/ autumn

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Project Key: #Residency, #research, #workshop, #Mixed Media

-Artist in Residence Program 2019/ autumn“Lively in-between”Application Guideline[ 1 ] Purpose of the ProgramThe Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC), Aomori Public University opened in December 200.....

Faber, Residency for Arts, Sciences and Humanities of Catalonia in Olot

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Project Key: #Mixed Media, #Academic Research

-[ref: FABER]Faber, the Arts, Sciences and Humanities Residency of Catalonia in Olot is a place for writers, translators, artists of diverse disciplines, scholars and scientists to stay together and to.....

2018-19 Triangle Residency

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-Triangle offers spacious studios and a dynamic artistic community to support the development of ambitious projects with emphasis on dialogue and experimentation. Our studios are located at 20 Jay Stre.....

2018 Feminist Art Conference (FAC) Residency, Toronto

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-FACILITATOR Ilene Sova is an artist, educator with black mixed race, indigenous and settler ancestry who lives with a disability. As such, she passionately identifies with the tenants of intersec.....
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