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Nature is Ours: Forest of Cultures

Now 2021-03-03 ~ 2021-12-31  
Project Key: #cultures, #forest, #nature

-Grizedale Forest and Signal Film and Media, with support from Art Fund, have commissioned the digital artist and curator Jessica El Mal to create a new, online participatory artwork responding to Griz.....

Tele Vistas

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Project Key: #Online, #forest

-New views on landscape and Gilpin’s picturesque from/for/about the New Forest every 10 days.Tele Vistas is an evolving broadcast of artist commissions exploring the lure of landscape during lockdown......

Macht Natur

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Project Key: #studio, #education, #nature, #study

-What power do we have over nature? And how much power does nature have over us?Nature is what we call all things non-man-made, yet we have influence on our entire planet.Boundaries between nature and .....

Seoul Unfolded

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-KCCUK is pleased to present the architecture exhibition 'Seoul Unfolded’ developed by the Department of Architecture at the Korea National University of Arts.  This exhibition will be available .....

GABRIEL RICO. Nature Loves to Hide

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Project Key: #Installation, #hide, #nature, #love

-Gabriel Rico’s formulas are brief and precise expressions to make, solve or achieve something concrete. Thus, they are processes helping to resolve problems or carry out tasks with a series.....

Josette's Wall

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-That September Day and the Frog Dish TowelKathryn Markel Fine Arts – Bridgehampton -  is pleased to announce the exhibition “Josette’s World” an exhibition of 17 drawings and watercolors by J.....
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