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POSTPONED! Suspended Time

Past: Archive展  
Project Key: #time, #restriction, #Hungary

-Due to travel restrictions to Hungary, the exhibition is postponed to 2021.Passengers, in transitory space and out of time. A peculiar atmosphere that characterizes both the night portraits of German .....

Dirty Laundry

Now 2020-10-09 ~ 2020-11-20  24Day Left
Project Key: #Laundry, #Dirty, #peace, #freedom, #Europe

-Wolfgang Bellwinkel, Claudia Bühler, Christian Ditsch, Jörg Gläscher, Amélie Losier, Andreas Meichsner, Karen Stuke, Claudia Wiens, Philipp Breu, Lela Ahmadzai, Andrea Künzig, Rainer F. Steußloff, Hei.....

CONTINENT – In Search of Europe

Now 2020-10-02 ~ 2021-01-10  
Project Key: #CONTINENT, #Europe, #freedom

-The members of OSTKREUZ – Agentur der Fotografen explore the European present in their new joint project. In 22 positions, the photographers focus on various aspects of coexistence in Europe – perso.....

Woman Unchained

Past: Archive展  
Project Key: #woman, #Exhibition, #Romania

-Irina Greciuhina (b. 1982) is a Moldovan artist based in Chisinau. In her artistic practice she is interested in "study of female archetypes", perceiving women as "a unique, divine and natur.....

19th international Nature Film & Competition

Past: Archive展  
Project Key: #nature, #Film/Video, #festival, #Austria

-ABOUTThe festival is mainly supported by people with a wealth of big and small ideas. It started back in 2001 with Johannes Kostenzer’s Innsbruck Nature Film Days, followed by the Innsbruck Nature Fi.....

TRICKY WOMEN/TRICKY REALITIES International Animation Film Festival 2020

Past: Archive展  
Project Key: #Animation, #Film, #festival, #Austria, #women

-AboutSince 2001 TRICKY WOMEN/TRICKY REALITIES takes place every year in March around the date of the International Women’s Day. TRICKY WOMEN/TRICKY REALITIES focuses on animated films made by women* .....
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