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Journeys into Film

Now 2021-06-14 ~ 2021-06-20  5Hour Left
Project Key: #Online, #Experiences, #Film/Video, #Journeys

-Journeys into FilmBy Parang Khezri, Bircan Birol, Wisam Al-Jafari, Parham Ghalamdmar, Eric Ngalle Charles and Greg Lewis.June 14 - 20After another series of lockdowns, tears and tiers, the Journeys in.....

Notes on Travecacceleration

Now 2021-05-27 ~ 2021-06-30  10Day Left
Project Key: #Screening, #Film/Video, #video, #essay

-Notes on Travecacceleration is an ongoing research project initiated by writer and curator Ode. As testament to the generative nature of this embodied research project, Ode expands Notes on .....

Julia Charlotte Richter | POINT BLANK

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Project Key: #Film/Video, #poetic

-Julia Charlotte Richter's art transcends the individual; she employs an archetypal symbolism that stimulates the unconscious and makes concealed emotions resonate. Although we feel like we „understan.....

Morgan Quaintance: Missing Time

Now 2021-05-01 ~ 2021-06-30  10Day Left
Project Key: #missing, #time, #history, #memory, #Film/Video

-By weaving considerations of alien abduction, cold war history, state concealment and hypnosis, Missing Time centres on the ideas around memory and the loss of memory, as experienced by an i.....

Anika: Alone in the City

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Project Key: #Screening, #alone, #city, #Film/Video

-Marking the end of the exhibition Step Out of the Strange Light, Anika presents a video produced exclusively for the online program of Neuer Berliner Kunstverein. Alone in the City foll.....

Marvell Park, Richard Layzell, 2021 Courtesy of the artist

Now 2021-04-01 ~ 2021-07-01  11Day Left
Project Key: #Online, #Film/Video, #Screening, #environment

-Marvell Park is a new film produced by Richard Layzell as part of his ongoing work as LUX’s Creative Ecologist engaged with the material and context of Waterlow Park in Highgate where .....
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