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Relaxation through Art with artist Brenda Coyle

Now 2020-07-21 ~ 2021-08-21  
Project Key: #workshop, #study, #Drawing Painting

-Relaxation through art...with Brenda Coyle - Have fun learning some meditative art techniques...everyone is welcome to this free event.Each week Brenda will focus on a different aspect of creativity, .....

Photoworks Festival - Propositions for Alternative Narratives

Project Key: #Photography, #Photoworks, #festival, #Online

-Led by Shoair Mavlian, Director, Photoworks, and grounded in ten years of research, Propositions for Alternative Narratives attempts to rethink traditional histories and challenge cultural hierarchies.....

Future 20: Last Place On Earth

Now 2020-08-17 ~ 2020-12-31  
Project Key: #Film, #Future, #Online

-uture 20’s Last Place On Earth, commissioned by HOME as part of their cross-art-form training initiative for young artists aged 18-25 and created with Studio Morison, consists of unworldly envir.....

Trieste Photo Days

Now 2020-10-17 ~ 2020-11-08  19Day Left
Project Key: #Photography, #tour, #festival

-Trieste Photo Days is an international festival dedicated to urban photography that explores the contemporary through all forms of photography set in the urban fabric, since 2014.The fe.....

Carina Linge. New Age Of Dissent

Now 2020-10-17 ~ 2020-11-14  25Day Left
Project Key: #Age, #Dissent, #portraits

-#Carina Linge, Hosianna, 2019, C-Print on Dibond, 100 x 150 cmFrom October 17- November 14, Jarmuschek + Partner shows the latest works by the Leipzig-based photo artist Carina Linge. The exhibition w.....


Now 2020-05-04 ~ 2022-01-01  
Project Key: #Exhibition, #Online, #event

-This is an event. This is my organic "gallery"... For those with different capabilities to come together. For those who can listen by reciting, listen. For those who can look, watch the process. For t.....
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