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Radical Craft 2

Now 2020-10-30 ~ 2021-03-28  27Day Left
Project Key: #Craft&Sculpture, #Berlin, #Radical

-Radical Craft 2 in BerlinDie zweite, weiterführende Ausstellung „Radical-Craft 2“ führt das in 2020 begonnene Thema weiter fort. In der ersten Ausstellung darum, das Kunsthandwerk mit Designposition.....

Oncetype by Kelly Moonkyung Choi

View Archive 2020-12-04 ~ 2020-12-19  

-Graphic designer Kelly Moonkyung Choi's typography project "Oncetype" is an art project that gives new functions to wooden printing type that has lost its original position today.Kelly Moonkyung Choi .....

Not Alone

Now 2020-08-24 ~ 2021-07-31  
Project Key: #Online, #WEB, #Installation, #Craft&Sculpture

-Golden Thread Gallery announces 'Not Alone', a unique touring exhibition created for our strange new world. With isolation measures, travel restrictions and quarantine rules affecting art exhibitions .....

Hannah Waldron, Solmania

View Archive 2020-10-10 ~ 2020-11-22  
Project Key: #Craft&Sculpture, #design, #graphic

-Ten years ago, Hannah Waldron discovered and took the technique of weaving to create her own graphic language, between figuration and abstraction. Since then, she has put her illustrating practice int.....

» words were never enough « solo show by Mire Lee

View Archive 2020-09-24 ~ 2020-10-30  

-From nascent stages Mire Lee has tested the limits of materials and mechanization, developing an alternative medium that escapes the standards of traditional sculpture.In lieu of a vernissage, the gal.....

Stop Motion Montréal 2020

View Archive 2020-09-14 ~ 2020-09-20  

-Festival Stop Motion Montréal is the world’s first festival dedicated to showcasing films animated exclusively using stop motion techniques.With its use in television and feature films, stop-motion a.....

Portuguese Tile Painting

View Archive 2020-07-22 ~ 2020-07-25  

-Cristina Vilarinho is a designer, painter and dreamer from the north of Portugal, she loves to find inspiration in Portuguese literature. Beside her work of traditional tile painting for restoration, .....

Mario Pfeifer

View Archive 2020-07-01 ~ 2020-08-03  

-Mario Pfeifer investigates the socio-political background, adding cross-cultural references. His installations combine documentary footage with music and a sci-fi video aesthetic. Themes include diffe.....

Sheila Hicks: Off Grid

View Archive 2020-06-24 ~ 2020-10-07  

-Sheila Hicks, Saffron Sentinel, 2017 © Sheila Hicks. Courtesy of Alison Jacques Gallery, London Photo: Noam PreismanDrawing together over 70 pieces from international public and private collections, t.....

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Watch a Korean Master Craftsman Make a Kimchi Pot by Hand

How a Master Potter Makes Giant Kimchi Pot... | Artist's Studio | by Eater/Colin Marshall

Jin-Gyu learned the ancient art of onggi pot-making from his parents. Today, he is the youngest of about 20 people left in Korea who are...

Rodney Graham: Artists and Models

Serlachius Museum Gösta | Artist's Studio | by Serlachius Museum Gösta

Rodney Graham (b. 1949), who lives and works in Vancouver, is an exceptionally versatile artist. In addition to large photographic works...

Contemplating Internalised Monumentality Mediated by Material: Giovanni Pisano’s Crucified Christ (c. 1280)

The History | by Sarah J Yoon

A small piece constructed from observation and resulting rumination by a modern medievalist’s perspective on a thirteenth century ivory...

Brâncuși Captures His Sculpture & Life on Film

Watch Rare Footage Shot Between 1923-1939 | The History | by Colin Marshall

“In the early 1920s, Man Ray, who had previously taught Constantin Brâncuși how to handle a still camera, introduced him to the movie c...

Jean Jullien creates line-drawn sculptures for Nantes' Le Jardin des Plantes

News, Issue & Events | by Natashah Hitti

The characteristically gangly doodles of French illustrator Jean Jullien come to life as flat sculptures in Le Jardin des Plantes in Nan...

Satisfaction: Mug

Capturing the mesmerizing process of hand-... | Artist's Studio | by Camilla Mathis, NOWNESS

“The video shows the in-depth, precise processes involved in the craft of James and Tilla. Their partnership combines James’s making s...

How to Fix Broken Pottery

Kintsugi Repair | Artist's Studio | by Kintsugi

Kintsugi, the Japanese art of joining broken pottery with gleaming seams of gold or silver, creates fine art objects we can see as symbo...

Artist Interprets the “Energy of Life”

as Mesmerizingly Iridescent Wall Sculpture... | Preview | by Kelly Richman-Abdou


People & Artist | by Fabien Beuchet

ART HISTORY IN MOTION– ILHAM LARAKI OMARI –Prose & Poetry by Fabien BEUCHET, Pictures courtesy of  Ilham LARAKI OMA...

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Penana Special Ver. Leon

Artworks Key: #Acrylic, #banana, #craft, #sculpture
Product Information Name:Penana Special Ver. Leon (100% Handmade Craft)Size:11cm*17.5m*20cmweight:330gMaterial : Resin, Black Acryl base, Transparent acrylic Stick, Painting.


Artworks Key: #sculpture, #craft, #edition, #JUICY, #toy, #art
JUICY FRUITS Series- 주변에 흔히 접할 수 있는 과일들의 실제 모습들을 아시나요?대부분의 사람들은 알아차리지 못하지만 과일들은 각자의 향과 맛이 다르듯이 다양한 개성과 모습을 가지고 유쾌하게 살아가고 있습...

pursue your dream

Artworks Key: #craft, #sculpture, #Dream
pursue your dream  |  2020  |  Acrylic on F.R.P.  |  25x25x73cm

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Emily Chae