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Horace Panter Cassettes 2021

Now 2021-05-08 ~ 2021-05-29  21Day Left

-Horace Panter's lifelong passions are music and art, and this new collection combines them to stunning effect.Also known as the bassist from The Specials , Horace has always been fascinated by the hum.....

The Power of Advertising

Now 2021-03-01 ~ 2021-09-03  

-Omer Tiroche Gallery is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition, The Power of Advertising, which examines the work of five leading modern artists who started their careers working in graph.....

Jamie Crewe: Ashley

Now 2021-04-01 ~ 2021-05-13  5Day Left
Project Key: #Film/Video, #Online

-LUX presents Ashley by Jamie Crewe online from 1 April to 13 May 2021. Ashley was presented as part of their solo exhibition Jamie Crewe: Ashley at LUX last year, which was closed due to the lockdown......

Elisions: A four-part screening programme curated by Adam Pugh

Now 2021-04-21 ~ 2021-05-14  6Day Left
Project Key: #Online, #Screening, #Film/Video

-This four-part screening programme invites us to think about the role of archives in shaping collective memory, histories and stories. Archives were created as centralised repositories of record-produ.....

Zlin Design Week Festival

Now 2021-05-07 ~ 2021-05-14  6Day Left
Project Key: #Online, #design, #festival, #Czech

-From Friday to Friday, May 7 to 14, 2021, the Zlin Design Week festival will wave the waters of Czech design. In addition to the well-known names of the Czech and international design scene, the eight.....

Ellie MacGarry: Your Hand Is A Warm Stone

Upcoming 2021-05-10 ~ 2021-05-08  8Hour Left
Project Key: #Drawing Painting, #hand, #Online

-Steve Turner is pleased to present Your Hand Is A Warm Stone, a solo online exhibition by London-based Ellie MacGarry. It will consist of ten new paintings which depict cropped details of the bod.....

Mali Draper & Dan Waine Postal Show with OUTPUT Gallery

Now 2021-04-24 ~ 2021-05-08  8Hour Left
Project Key: #Online, #Mali, #perfomance, #narrative

-OUTPUT is going postal for 2021, delivering our pandemic-proof postal exhibition programme right to your door.Use this link and enter your address to receive a print by local artis.....

Diango Hernández | Instopia

Now 2021-04-29 ~ 2021-06-12  
Project Key: #Instopia, #moment, #Drawing Painting

-Galerie Barbara Thumm presents Instopia, Diango Hernández’s sixth solo show at the gallery. Instopia is a radical and timely show for this moment of flux in which the boundary between the virtual and.....

SALON REAL / VIRTUAL 7# Salon: Viktors Svikis | Candies and Stones

View Archive 2021-04-27 ~ 2021-05-05  
Project Key: #Virtual, #Online, #reflections

-The seventh exhibition series Salon Real / Virtual  presents the latest large-scale oil paintings and drawings by Latvian artist Viktors Svikis under the title "Candies and Stones".....

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Dream Online

The Royal Shakespeare Company | News, Issue & Events | by The Royal Shakespeare Company

A live, online performance set in a virtual midsummer forest.

The Power of Fashion Strokes

Artist's Studio | by Irina Rusinovich

HAZEGALLERY is happy to announce the opening of 3D Fashion Illustration Exhibition

Robert Dawson A Most Uncommon Man

Online Exhibition | Artist's Studio | by Goldmark Gallery

Goldmark, Uppingham, the internationally renowned and hugely successful gallery in England’s smallest county of Rutland, is to host a p...

Online Screenings of ARTLECTURE

News, Issue & Events | by ARTLECTURE

You can enjoy a variety of movies at the online theater, which would be updated every month. It is also available to screen your own vid...

Ai Weiwei 360

News, Issue & Events | by Royal Academy of Arts

Take an immersive tour of the galleries from anywhere in the world, accompanied by commentary from the exhibition’s curators and interv...

What does the pandemic mean for the future of performance art?

Insight | by Isobel Harbison

In recent months we have seen what might be understood as the first phase of adaptive measures, as many curators and producers transferr...

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Launch a 24/7 Livestream

Featuring Footage from the Band’s Archive... | News, Issue & Events | by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

A stream of videos, concerts, interviews, film, and more from the world of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, playing on random shuffle 24 hours...

Watch Romeo and Juliet (2009) for Free: Globe Theatre

Service & Device | by Shakespeare's Globe

Watch Romeo and Juliet for free, with Ellie Kendrick and Adetomiwa Edun as the star-crossed lovers, filmed from Shakespeare’s most famo...

Van Gogh Museum Tour online

Video Tour in Seven Parts | Preview | by Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum Tour in 4K. Have you always wanted to be alone in the Van Gogh Museum? Step into Vincent’s world and enjoy the private ...

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Around Sunset  

Artworks Key: #Photography, #fine art, #digital art
<Quotation & Re-quotation> Photography Colletion_Minimal Section“기존의 ‘온라인 커뮤니티’에 올렸던 사진들을 가벼운 ‘디지털 리터칭’을 통해 새로운 작품으로 재창조하다.”These images had b...

A College under the Bridge  

Artworks Key: #Photography, #fine art, #digital art
<Quotation & Re-quotation> Photography Colletion_Minimal Section“기존의 ‘온라인 커뮤니티’에 올렸던 사진들을 가벼운 ‘디지털 리터칭’을 통해 새로운 작품으로 재창조하다.”These images had b...

The China Style Shopping Mall  

Artworks Key: #digital art, #fine art, #Photography
<Quotation & Re-quotation> Photography Colletion_Minimal Section“기존의 ‘온라인 커뮤니티’에 올렸던 사진들을 가벼운 ‘디지털 리터칭’을 통해 새로운 작품으로 재창조하다.”These images had b...

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