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Love Sign

Now 2020.06.06 ~ 2020.08.15  
Project Key: #love, #sign, #Drawing Painting
Featuring: Gina Fischli, Lenard Giller, Isaac Lythgoe, Eric N. Mack, Willa Nasatir, Kayode Ojo, Johannes Oswald, Colin De Land and Kembra Pfahler, Alison Yip

FRANK MAIER - Goodbye Mauritius

Now 2020.06.05 ~ 2020.07.11  
Much has already been thought and written about the head and portrait form of the well-known Black Square, first realized in 1915. The total detachment from the object and from the phenomena of n...

Mark Mulroney | Artist Feature (Online Exclusive)

Now 2020.06.01 ~ 2020.06.07  22Hour Left
Project Key: #Drawing Painting, #Online, #nostalgia
Mark Mulroney’s work stems from a familiar nostalgia for comic books and Saturday morning cartoons. Situated between humor and art, pop culture and silliness, Mulroney’s work is playful, comical and...

Wide Open: Soul Pictures – Soul Spaces

Now 2020.06.03 ~ 2020.10.12  
Art and spirituality have much in common. Traditionally, artists are thought to have an exceptionally sensitive gift of perception. Even today, they address major philosophical, psychological or spiri...


Now 2020.05.24 ~ 2020.06.12  5Day Left
Artist Note:My work starts from “unknown”, Something I am not familiar with, things that I do not know yet.Wanting to know more about the materials that I’ve never used before, or the methods that ...

Call for Art 『Prix Whanki 2020』

Past: Archive 2020.05.25 ~ 2020.05.29  
『Prix Whanki 2020』Established with Whanki Foundation, 『Prix Whanki』 is a competition supporting artists from all over the world and contributing to open the cultural and artistic arena for everyon...
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