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With Love, From Nowhere: The Places of Not Yet

Project Key: #Online, #Exhibition, #love

-Taymour Grahne Projects is pleased to present 'Home Clothes', an online solo exhibition by Boulder, Colorado-based Filipino American artist Mikey Yates, opening virtually on December 8, 2020.Working f.....

GABRIEL RICO. Nature Loves to Hide

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Project Key: #Installation, #hide, #nature, #love

-Gabriel Rico’s formulas are brief and precise expressions to make, solve or achieve something concrete. Thus, they are processes helping to resolve problems or carry out tasks with a series.....

Meredith Pence Wilson: Roadmasters

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Project Key: #symbol, #sign, #love, #Drawing Painting

-According to Wilson, the paintings are “an intuitive amalgamation of distinctly American signs and symbols.” They derive from a midwestern sensibility that she remembers, loves, mourns and condemns......

Love Sign

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Project Key: #love, #sign, #Drawing Painting

-Featuring: Gina Fischli, Lenard Giller, Isaac Lythgoe, Eric N. Mack, Willa Nasatir, Kayode Ojo, Johannes Oswald, Colin De Land and Kembra Pfahler, Alison Yip..

Love Lundell & C-print

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Project Key: #love, #print, #Drawing Painting

-Love Lundell’s paintings unfold in their own world. Dreamlike, mystical, surrealist, but also harboring references to the everyday, his paintings alternate between engaging the viewers directly and h.....

Love and Ethnology

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Project Key: #Ethnology, #love, #Installation

-Can the ethnographic gaze be “given back”, restituted? Within the context of ethnology and the aesthetic avant-garde of post-war West Germany, the exhibition examines Hubert Fichte’s writing and ta.....
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