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Gerard Byrne - Beasts

Now 2021-01-27 ~ 2021-04-24  12Day Left
Project Key: #Online, #Photography, #Beasts, #Film/Video

-'Beasts' is a series of black-and-white, silver gelatin photographs was shot inside the Biologiska museet, Stockholm.Kerlin Gallery is delighted present 'Beasts' by Gerard Byrne.'Beasts', a series of .....

aemi-on-demand | 2020: A Year in Review (Programme 2)

Now 2021-02-19 ~ 2021-04-18  6Day Left
Project Key: #Online, #Film/Video, #2020

-This exhibition is a collection of artworks in which artists, from students to hobbyists to professionals, have submitted work that reflects their experience of lockdown in the form of portraiture.Lif.....

VisionMix: Loss & Transience 2

View Archive 2021-03-19 ~ 2021-03-27  
Project Key: #video, #MIX, #Online, #Film/Video

-Loss & Transience 2 programme of films are linked by their protagonists’ state of transience at key moments within the films providing numerous insights into how day-to-day re.....

Masterclass [Online]

View Archive 2021-03-05 ~ 2021-03-14  

-Immerse yourself deep into contemporary curatorial practices with live lectures with Q&A + individualized reviews of your work by LACMA Photography Curator Rebecca Morse & Tate Contemporary Ar.....

The Four Humours by Warren Garland

Now 2021-02-04 ~ 2021-05-01  19Day Left
Project Key: #Humours, #Film/Video, #Online

-The Four Humours is a digital exhibition by Warren Garland, shown online at Darling Pearls & Co’s website.Exhibition Dates : 4 February – 1 May 20214 March, 7PM : Black Bile-Melancholia (2021)18.....

GLAS Animation Festival 2021

View Archive 2021-04-05 ~ 2021-04-11  
Project Key: #Animation, #festival, #Film/Video

-GLAS Animation Festival takes place in the historic city of Berkeley, California, just a quick ride away from San Francisco. We are introducing new ideas and expanding the scope of animation by bringi.....

Sam Laughlin: Falling wall, rising dust

Now 2021-02-01 ~ 2021-04-30  18Day Left
Project Key: #Film/Video, #Screening, #dust, #rising, #wall

-This February we are delighted to premiere a brand-new film by artist Sam Laughlin. Falling wall, rising dust was especially commissioned in 2019 to document the closing chapter of John Hansard Galler.....

Berlin International Film Festival 2021

Now 2021-03-01 ~ 2021-06-20  
Project Key: #Berlin, #Film/Video, #festival, #Online

-Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the 71st Berlin International Film Festival has developed a new festival format for 2021 and is pleased to be able to hold the festival for the industry and the .....

Osaka Asian Film Festival 2021

View Archive 2021-03-05 ~ 2021-03-14  
Project Key: #OSAKA, #Asian, #Film

-Osaka Asian Film Festival 2021Screen Programs: March 5 - 14, Online Programs: February 28 - March 2063 films from 23 countries and regions.For more information or tickets for films showing, please vis.....

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JOHN AKOMFRAH_Vertigo Sea, Montréal

February 10, 2021 – April 18, 2021 | News, Issue & Events | by

John Akomfrah was born in Accra, Ghana in 1957, and lives and works in London. He is an artist and filmmaker whose works are characteriz...

The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross & Banksy

Watch Banksy Paint a Mural on the Jail Tha... | Artlecture | by Banksyfilm&Colin Marshall

In the video above, Banksy pays tribute to Ross by layering narration from an episode of The Joy of Painting over the creation of his la...

The Sad Irony of Juergen Teller’s “Lazy” W Magazine Shoot

Insight | by

The photographer has long made a name for himself with images that question the trappings of fame, but he has failed to reckon with his ...

Berlin International Film Festival 2021

News, Issue & Events | by Berlin International Film Festival

In total there are 15 films, two of which are first features, which will compete for the Golden Bear and the Silver Bears. Productions f...

Brâncuși Captures His Sculpture & Life on Film

Watch Rare Footage Shot Between 1923-1939 | The History | by Colin Marshall

“In the early 1920s, Man Ray, who had previously taught Constantin Brâncuși how to handle a still camera, introduced him to the movie c...

Was this famous war photo staged?

American documentary film director Errol M... | Artist's Studio | by Vox

American documentary film director Errol Morris went down a rabbit hole of interviews and photo analysis to determine if that order of t...

100 Photographs: The Most Influential Images of All Time

Watch TIME’s Video Essays on Photos That ... | News, Issue & Events | by TIME

The 100 Most Influential Photographs: Watch TIME’s Video Essays on Photos That Changed the World Watch all of the 21 short documentary...

How Storyboarding Works

A Brief Introduction to How Directors Stor... | Artist's Studio | by Colin Marshall

How Storyboarding Works: A Brief Introduction to How Ridley Scott, Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese, Wes Anderson & Other Directors Sto...

In a Brilliant Light: Van Gogh in Arles, 1984

A Free Documentary | Artist's Studio | by The Met

In a Brilliant Light: Van Gogh in Arles–A Free Documentary: As part of The Met’s 150th anniversary in 2020, each month we will release...

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Inspiration | The fertus has no position  

Artworks Key: #position, #Inspiration, #video art
앙스피하시옹나는 매일 다르지만 비슷한 일상에서 영감을 받는다. 일부는 예술가들이 불규칙적인 생활을 하면서 특별하고 자극적인 사건에서 영감을 받아 작업을 한다고 생각 할 수도 있다그러나 그러한 기회는 매우...


Artworks Key: #video, #강수지, #reflection
강수지, Reflection01, Single-channel video 4min, 2020

"The Moment in the Light"   

Artworks Key: #Photography, #Film
작가노트Streetphotographer 나는 말그대로 길거리 사진사이다. 18년 동안 많은 다양한 작품을 찍어왔지만 6년정도 부터 필름카메라로 길거리사진을 찍기 시작했다.매주 토요일 일요일 가방에 필카 3대를 넣어 하루종...

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Emily Chae