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Online Screenings of ARTLECTURE

News, Issue & Events | by ARTLECTURE

You can enjoy a variety of movies at the online theater, which would be updated every month. It is also available to screen your own vid...

New York City During Covid-19

A stark and contemplative vignette by Phil... | Artist's Studio | by Phillip Reed

New York City During Covid-19 is a conceptual documentary film that draws upon the producers' fine art and photographic backgrounds. Ami...

Harry Styles - Falling

Directed by Dave Meyers | Preview | by Dave Meyers

Listen to Harry Styles’ new album ‘Fine Line’ now:

ANIMATOR Festival 2020

SUBMIT YOUR FILM | News, Issue & Events | by ANIMATOR Festival

The ANIMATOR International Animated Film Festival (Polish: Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmów Animowanych ANIMATOR), organized in Poznań und...

Tate Stages Retrospective of Video Artist Nam June Paik

People & Artist | by AP Archive

He was at the center of the Fluxus movement in the 1960s, creating a sensation every time with his avant-garde, experimental performance...

The Present, 2019

S.KOREA FILMS | Preview | by Samsung Electronics

On October 28, EXO’s Suho, Shin Ha Kyun, Kim Seul Gi, Yoo Soo Bin, and director Heo Jin Ho attended a press conference for the new film...

HISTORY: The Case for Video Art

The History | by The Art Assignment

What is video art? How is it any different from all the other moving pictures that are apparently not-art? It would be a trend of moder...

What if Tim Burton made a grilled cheese sandwich?

Artist's Studio | by David Ma

Each entry in filmmaker David Ma’s FoodFilms series starts with a hypothesis that pairs a simple, familiar dish with a director whose v...

Unwanted Desires

A diary-esque animation about the impulse ... | Artist's Studio | by OLA SZMIDA

A diary-esque animation about the impulse to behave badly.The short piece was created by Ola Szmida, an animation major at the Academy o...

J.M.W Turner meets the movie

The History | by Service Operator

This is not a biographical film about landscape painter J.M.W Turner. As the stories of famous people can be found through various mediu...

Pedro Almodóvar’s Julieta

The History | by Service Operator

Pedro Almodóvar’s new work, Julieta, captures changes in daily life in detail, depicting female symbolism. If you look at his old works...

Desire to surrealism

The History | by Service Operator

When it comes to surrealism, it’s easy to associate it with an image that is completely different and distant from reality. However, th...

Media Art Net

Service & Device | by Service Operator

(Media Art Net) Archival data related to media art are relatively well organized, even if it feels old. You can search for artists and w...

Art of the Real-MMCA

News, Issue & Events | by MMCA

ProgramintroductionPreface                               &nbs...

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