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Encountering A New Normal

Now 2021-02-15 ~ 2021-12-31  

-Encountering A New Normal’ is an online exhibition showcasing the work of Neurodiverse Artists who experience misogyny or trans misogyny. With mediums from dance to drawing, poetry to performance, ea.....


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Project Key: #Photography, #montage, #performance

-Most well known for her photomontage, this exhibition explores the diverse range of Linder’s practice. It explores Linder as performance artist, zine-maker, musician, documentary-photographer, collab.....

Barry Mulholland—Tossed In The Drink

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-Pallas Projects/Studios are pleased to present Barry Mulholland—Tossed In The Drink as the first exhibition of our rescheduled 2020/21 Artist-Initiated Projects programme.Opening reception: 5–8.....

Julia Gröning and Marie-Charlotte Nouza ‘Privacy Please'

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-The Andreas Reinsch Project is pleased to present the two-person exhibition ‘Privacy Please’ with two Berlin-based artists Julia Gröning and Marie-Charlotte Nouza. The exhibition will include recent.....

Glasgow International: Soufiane Ababri

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-His work often critiques prescriptive gender roles, highlighting the legacies of oppressive colonial structures, specifically relating to racism and homophobia. ‘Bedworks’, for example, is a series .....

Como La Flor (Spring Extravaganza)

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Project Key: #spring, #Flower, #video, #Performance Art, #freedom

-LACE presents an Angeleno lounge-gathering-stage that celebrates the Spring, its uprisings and revolts.  A series of videos, performances and readings inspired by the season of liberation, abunda.....
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