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South Korean Contemporary Art

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-Choi Soowhan creates meticulous, immaculate, yet expressive images by drilling holes of various sizes (0.4-3mm) in a black acrylic plate (Plexiglass) or laminate, and then LED backlight.....

JEFRË: Points of Connection

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Project Key: #Installation, #Media Art, #connection

-Designed to be a touchless, interactive exhibition, Points of Connection presents a series of site-specific installations and sculptures constructed at a human scale, introducing the audienc.....

Digital U: Rebecca Chesney

Now 2020-07-18 ~ 2021-07-18  
Project Key: #Film/Video, #Media Art, #Online

-Hear 24 women & girls from 13 countries talk in 9 different languages about their experience of the global pandemic, in Rebecca Chesney's film View From Here.Rebecca Chesney, View From HereHo.....

MODIFY. Multimedia Installation

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Project Key: #Media Art, #digital, #Media

-Modify presents artwork by Sandra Zanetti (USA), Benjamin Valentín Román (USA), Jenny Nguyen (USA) and Will Crosby (UK) that explore the effect modifications have on the self and society as a whole. H.....

Visibility is a Trap

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Project Key: #Mixed Media, #Media Art, #trap, #visibility

-(English version below):In der Ausstellung "Visibility is a Trap" zeigt Sonja Nilsson zwei Arbeiten aus einer Serie, die sich mit dem soziologischen Konzept des "Passing" auseinandersetzen. Passing is.....

European Media Art Festival No. 33/34

Upcoming 2021-04-21 ~ 2021-04-25  7Day Left
Project Key: #Film/Video, #Installation, #Media Art

-ABOUTEMAF is internationally known as one of the most influential forums of contemporary Media Arts. The festival sees itself as a place of experimentation and a laboratory where extraordinary works, .....
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