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Laboratorio de Exploración Solar

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Project Key: #Light, #study

-LABORATORIO DE EXPERIMENTACIÓN LUMÍNICA SOLAREl Laboratorio surge a partir de la exhaustiva reflexión sobre la creación de obras artísticas basadas en la luz como materia primigenia. A lo largo d.....

TouchDesigner Summit 2018 Berlin

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Project Key: #Installation, #Media Art, #design, #forum

-These two days promise to be an enriching (and very concentrated!) learning opportunity for beginners and advanced users alike with 10 workshops, 4 masterclasses, and 20+ talks and presentations from .....

Ceramic class for foreigners

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Project Key: #Craft&Sculpture, #Installation

-Training Information : -Ceramic course for foreigners of residence and Korean. Thematic classes of various techniques for Ceramic offered. The class does not require basic knowledge or .....
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