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  • 2019 Awaji Art Circus(AAC)
  • 2019 Awaji Art Circus(AAC)

Awaji Island, located in Hyogo Prefecture, is considered to be the Island of Japan’s Origin and is known for its beautiful natural surroundings and tasty food. However, in recent years, the island faces serious issues such as population outflow as well as decreasing birthrate and aging population.

Based in Awaji Island, AAC has three distinct missions:

One is to bring about increase in population flow and local economic consumption leading to regional vitalization whilst utilizing local resources.

The other is to let the world know the appeals of Awaji Island and more broadly Japan. AAC aims to become a new local tourism attraction and attract people from within and outside of Awaji Island.

Last but not least, to develop art and culture on Awaji Island and to create a chance for Japanese people to get to know international art of different genres.

We ask all of you, talented international artists from around the world to:

Stay in Awaji Island and entertain visitors with your performance at various locations on the island; as well as

Experience and enjoy the appeals of Awaji Island and be the messenger as you spread the word about the island through SNS etc.

Through AAC we aim to give opportunities for artists around the world to:

express themselves as street performers: carry yourself equipment and props, prepare yourself performance place, perform - do your favorite job and receive fixed payment, not only busking (!!!).

get to know Japan, gain new experience at a new place and interact with artists of various genres, as well as to contribute to fostering personnel in the field of art.

*This program is subject to change by the Organizer's reasons, so please refer to the website or the Organizer's notice for more information.
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Activity Area : United States * Local/Town Space

Contacts/Email : [E-mail] 4awajiartcircus@gmail.com


Contacts/Email : [E-mail] 4awajiartcircus@gmail.com

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924-1 Iwaya, Awaji, Hyogo, 656-2401, JapanAwaji Art Circus Executive Committee