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Glasgow International: Soufiane Ababri

Past: Archive 2020.04.24 ~ 2020.05.10  
His work often critiques prescriptive gender roles, highlighting the legacies of oppressive colonial structures, specifically relating to racism and homophobia. ‘Bedworks’, for example, is a series ...

Como La Flor (Spring Extravaganza)

Past: Archive 2020.04.22 ~ 2020.05.24  
Project Key: #spring, #Flower, #video, #Performance Art, #freedom
LACE presents an Angeleno lounge-gathering-stage that celebrates the Spring, its uprisings and revolts.  A series of videos, performances and readings inspired by the season of liberation, abunda...

Debris Dance

Past: Archive 2020.04.03 ~ 2020.04.29  
Project Key: #dance, #Debris, #Drawing Painting
Danny Leyland (b. 1994) makes work with a visual language informed by a reading of comparative mythology, folklore, mediaeval romance, and archaeology. Sometimes narrative-led, at other times process-...

Das Giftraum /// Whos Fuckin Planet! – Photographs by Martyn Goodacre

Past: Archive 2020.02.21 ~ 2020.03.01  
Project Key: #Performance Art, #unemployment
Back in the 80s and early 90s, when house prices were soaring and public land was being auctioned off to make way for inscrutable developers, a number of small communities were hanging their home swee...

Dinosaurs and Astronauts

Past: Archive 2020.02.13 ~ 2020.03.01  
With Dinosaurs and Astronauts Susanne Schmitt creates an anachronistic cosmos of works in response to neo-liberal performance pressure and structures of Turbo-Capitalism.By using lead glass and cerami...

"Off Planet" Willpower

Past: Archive 2020.01.24 ~ 2020.02.22  
Premiering at Kang Contemporary Gallery, Willpower’s Off Planet: Human Scale Light and Sound Expedition Instrument gathers participants to realize visual composing, interactive play, a...
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