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The grain of time - ArtWorks DB | ARTLECTURE
Color Space

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  • The grain of time
Color Space

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VIEW 501

Editing a photographic subject with a photo editor.

Expressing the grain of time.

Photographs are silent language and floating memories."

Photographs are the moment they are captured in the viewfinder.

Time is a record.

Any subject is subject to time.

The colors expressed are different.

He's the one who puts the subject in it.

It is impossible without time and space.

The person who has the colors and movements that nature claims to have.

The material and time factor that makes it.

It's like a creation.

You edit the originals of each subject into a grape detector.

Deeper in color, deeper

The series "The Tough of Time."

All images/words © the artist(s) and organization(s)


Activity Area : Korea, Republic of * Personal Studio


/Handweaving Textile work  /craft & installation art  /calligraphy /upcycling /photography

Prime Minister/ 

2007/ First FIMO-bellied Polymerclay Contest "MOON RIVER" Award

2016/ First Korean Environmental Ecological Design Competition "Narrae(wing)" Gold Medal and Chris Drury Special Award 

         (Jirisan(Mt.) International Arts Festival and Award 2016)

2018/ Winning the Korea Federation of Design Associations Award for  "Dream of Wind" at the 3rd Korean Environmental Design

          Competition in 2018.(Jirisan(Mt.) Arts Festa and Award 2018)


2007/ Korea International Craft Fair "Commercial Slow Art Group Exhibit" (2007.6.1 - 2007.6) Seoul COEX Indian Ocean Hall

2013/ An exhibition of disabled art works by disabled members at Sangnok-gu Self-Governing Center in Ansan,

         Gyeonggi Province (2013.11.11.- 2013.11.15) Lobby of Sangnok-gu Office in Ansan,  Gyeonggi Province

2016/ JIIAF 2016 Seoul Arts Center Hangaram Museum Installation staging of the Korea Forest Culture Exhibition's theme hall 

         (2016.10.21- 2016.10.30) South Chungcheong Province Budget-gun Deoksan Hot Springs Tourism Area

2017/ Korea Forest Culture Expo Invitation of Human Perspective  (2017.10.20 - 2017.10.29)  Seocheon Dunji in Yeongju, 

          North Gyeongsang Province

2018/ Park Gyeong-ri Museum of Literature in Hadong County, South Gyeongsang Province (2018.3.3 - 2018.5.31)

          JIIAF 2018 Seoul Arts Center (2018.12.12 - 12018.12.19)  Hangaram Art Museum at Seoul Arts Center


2017 /KBS 2TV Documentary 3rd, "Dolsan Village in Changshin-dong" (2017.3.5)

          KBS 1TV Documentary Compassionate Sambe Village  "Summer of the Geumsori" (2017.8.12)

          KBS 1TV 1st 6pm "2017 Korean Forest Fair" (2017.10.23)

Lecture /

2013/ Sangnok-gu Center for the Disabled in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province (11. 2013)

2014/ Handicrafting of the Center for the Self-support for the Disabled in Hwaseong,  Gyeonggi Province (2014.3 to 2014.11)

2015/ Work on the Handicapped Self Support Center for the Disabled in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province (2015.3 to 2015.11)

        Special lecture on the "weaving" plan to open a communication workshop  in Changshin-dong,

       Seoul City's Urban Renewal Highway Area (2015.10~2015.11)

       Special lecture on culture at Busan Archives and Records Hall of National Archives of Korea in Busan City

      "Team Healing Fabrication" (2015.12.2)

       A special lecture on Santa socks Knitting (2015.12.14) at the Culture Classroom of Jongno-gu, Seoul.

      Only wire rings (2015.12.21) in the cultural classroom of Jongno-gu, SeoulTrainee of Gyeonggi-do

      Direct Business Experience Specialized Wire Crafts  in Songsan, Hwasong City (2015.12.10.)

      Wireworks during Samgoong Middle School in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, a special lecture 

      on direct business experience for youth (2015.12.17)

2016/ Hwasung City, Gyeonggi Province Self-help Center for the Disabled (2016.3 to 2016.11)

         Special lectures on the handwriting of overseas Korean teachers invited  to Sagang University School (July 15, 2016)

         Seoul Han River Business Headquarters "Warm 1 Degree Olim Nandan Project" (2016.10.9) Ttukseom Vaccine Culture Space

2017/ Hwasung City, Gyeonggi Province Self-help Center for the Disabled (2017.3 to 2017.11)

         "Life and Craft" special lecture (2018.7.17) at Park Gyeong-ri Museum of Literature  in Hadong County,

          South Gyeongsang Province, 2018.

2019/ Tongyoung RCE Sejatra Forest Untaught Special Classes in Tongyeong,  South Gyeongsang Province

          "Upcycle waste nets" (2019.7.22)

Project / "Talent Donation"

2015/ Hangul Culture Team, organized by the Han River Business Headquarters in Seoul  "Hangul Handwriting" Field Support (2015.10.9)

         On-site support for the Handwriting experience of "V Festival" hosted by the Seoul Han River Business Headquarters (2015.10.31)

         Ttukseom Han River Park

         Support the "Reply Traditional Play" field experience hosted by the Han River Business Headquarters in Seoul (2015.12.6)

         Han River  Ttukseom Violet Cultural Space

2016/ Special lecture on creating hand-painted fans for foreign students at  the Korean Language Institute at Sogang University in 2016 (2016.5.11.)

          Handwriting in Korean organized by Han River Business Headquarters (2016.10.9)  Ttukseom Japgi Cultural Space  Sungmun High School

          Dongguk University's School of Education, organized by the book  'Warm Volunteer Activities' "I want to be a direct instructor with Calligraphy."


2017/ North Cheonho Park Festival 2017 Hadong-gun (2017.9.22-2017.10.9) Bukcheon Station, Hadong County, South Gyeongsang Province.

         Support for the production of the 10th Anniversary of Park Gyeong-ri Museum of Literature in Hadong County, South Gyeongsang Province, 2018.

Activity Area : Korea, Republic of * Personal Studio