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The reverse of hope - ArtWorks DB | ARTLECTURE
Color Space

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  • The reverse of hope
  • The reverse of hope
Color Space

*Contact For Request + Share it now


- pendrawing, computergraphic

- 3000x2200px

침몰 외전

희망의 이면

한 없이 가라앉고 있던 내게 찾아온 세상은 자신을 희망이라 부르게 했다.

모든 것이 완벽했다. 어느새 나는, 내가 봤던 세상 이상의 것까지 동경하고 있었다.

내가 동경했던 세상의 실상은 무거워보이고 싶었던, 한낱 물에 젖은 깃털들의 향연이었다.

희망이길 원했던 절망들의 몸부림에 불과했으며 무게감을 갖길 원했던 한낱 가벼운 눈속임에 지나지않았다.

끝으로, 동경의 몫은 온전히 내가 책임져야 했다.

Sinking abduction

The reverse of hope


The world that came to me that was sinking without a breath, It called itself hope.

Everything was perfect.

Without my knowledge, I was longing for something more than the world I had seen.


The reality of the world I longed for, it was a feast of wet feathers that wanted to look heavy.

It was just a struggle of despair that hopes for hope. It was just a light trick that wanted to be serious and heavy.


In the end, I had to take fully responsible for what I had admired.

All images/words © the artist(s) and organization(s)


Activity Area : Korea, Republic of *


- gentle x jin [全人] : 온화한 사람

- 메인 작업 방식 : Pendrawing / computergraphic 


- instagram @zentlezin_

- 네이버 그라폴리오 NAVER GRAFOLIO : zentlezin / 젠틀진 

- contact : / instargram dm 

Activity Area : Korea, Republic of *