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THE MOON_From Inner Worlds to Outer Space | ARTLECTURE

THE MOON_From Inner Worlds to Outer Space

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by Laurie Anderson & Hsin-Chien Huang
THE MOON_From Inner Worlds to Outer Space
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THE MOON_From Inner Worlds to Outer Space | Exhibition

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, NASA is preparing special projects. The situation of the moon landing in 1969 was recreated as it is, and NASA hopes more people will share that feeling. The moon-themed virtual reality exhibition, held at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Louisiana from last month to January 2019, could be part of the project.

Multimedia artist Hsin-Chien Huang and Anderson created new VR project and they want to transport visitors to the virtual moon to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

The following material is text and video showing her interviews and exhibition projects.

In this exclusive video, Laurie Anderson presents her prizewinning virtual reality work from 2017: “I wanted to see what it would be like to travel through stories, to make the viewer feel free,” the legendary multimedia artist says. 

Laurie Anderson’s ‘Chalkroom’ (2017) has been created in collaboration with the Taiwanese artist Hsin-Chien Huang. In ‘Chalkroom’ it is possible to float around virtually and to explore a hand-drawn universe of sentences and words written in chalk on the walls, guided all the while by Laurie Anderson’s voice – stories and storytelling are at the heart of the work.


You can interact in different ways and e.g. experience letters intermittently floating towards you: “Like snow, they’re there to define the space and to show you a little bit about what it is. But they’re actually fractured languages, so it’s kind of exploded things.” The most important aspect of working in virtual reality for Anderson was the fact that this technology enables you to fly, “like in your dreams.” Anderson feels that everything that she’s ever done is about one thing: disembodiment. In virtual reality, this is even more evident, as you become the ultimate viewer, who has amazing abilities such as flying: “My goal is to make an experience that frees you.” 

Being inside Anderson’s VR work is an isolated experiment not unlike reading a book, and one of the things that make it different is that it isn’t task-oriented but rather “visually dazzling.” Another difference is that it isn’t as “perfect, slick and shiny” as VR is in general: “The reason it’s ‘chalk room’ is it has a certain tactility and made-by-hand kind of thing, and it’s the opposite of what virtual reality usually is, which is distant and very synthetic. So this is gritty and drippy and filled with dust and dirt.” Moreover, Hsin-Chien Huang – who is responsible for the extensive programming – made it full of never-ending secrets: “’Chalkroom’ is a library of stories, and no one will ever find them all.” 

Video and Text by Louisiana Channel

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