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ArtFutura Festival

Now 2021-04-15 ~ 2021-04-18  20Hour Left
Project Key: #Online, #Performance Art, #festival

-ArtFutura has established itself as one of the most important international events dedicated to Digital Art, Virtual Reality and Computer Networks. Since the 1990s it has been bringing together artist.....

ECC Performance Art Online Course: Performing the Memory

Now 2021-04-05 ~ 2021-04-26  8Day Left
Project Key: #Performance Art, #class, #memory

-This online course focuses on memory as immediate inspiration and tool for creating performance art.This practice-based course focuses on the concept of memory as immediate inspriation and tool for cr.....

Beverly Buchanan: Shacks and Legends, 1985-2011

Now 2021-03-20 ~ 2021-05-01  13Day Left
Project Key: #memory, #travel, #archive

-Beverly Buchanan: Shacks and Legends, 1985-2011Curated by Aurélie Bernard WortsmanMarch 20 – May 1, 2021“I want to give people who can neither read nor write but made all the measurements and built .....

Alexander Calder Modern from the Start

Now 2021-03-14 ~ 2021-08-07  

-One of the most beloved American artists of the last century, Alexander Calder reimagined sculpture as an experiment in space and motion.He upended centuries-old notions that sculpture should be stati.....

[ONLINE] Electric Dreams

Now 2021-03-11 ~ 2021-04-30  12Day Left
Project Key: #Online, #dreams, #Electric

-ActionSpace, Venture Arts and Project Ability join forces for a programme titled 'x3'. Launching with the first exhibition 'Electric Dreams', Venture Arts will present artworks by one artist from each.....

Art Platform Grand Opening - "Too Psychic. Too Poetic"

Now 2021-03-06 ~ 2021-05-05  17Day Left
Project Key: #Online, #platform, #Hypersensium

-Hypersensium Art Platform Grand Opening.  Our first Online Exhibition "Too Psychic. Too Poetic"Hypersensium is celebrating versatile artistic responses from all over the world in regards to .....
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