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We Are Family | Let’s Make Art – Drawing With Sound

Project Key: #Drawing, #sound, #class

-What colour is the sound of a cat meowing?What kind of shape is the sound of a flock of pigeons?How do you draw the sound of running water?Arnolfini’s friends at Let’s Make Art have created another .....

Online Arts Course: Portrait Drawing & Painting

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Project Key: #Drawing Painting, #portrait, #Online, #class

-Develop an understanding of basic anatomy and the methods, techniques and ways of looking needed to create a likeness.Phoenix Art Space and tutor Allan Ramsay are delighted to be able to off.....

Online Arts Course: Life Drawing with a Range of Materials

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Project Key: #Online, #class, #workshop, #Drawing Painting

-Experiment with a range of tutorials and exercises intended to support your life drawing from home.Phoenix Art Space and tutor Carolyn Bew are delighted to be able to offer you an opportunity to .....

Life Drawing Club Online | All the Young Nudes

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Project Key: #Nudes, #life, #Drawing Painting

-Join us on Monday nights for our online life drawing club. All welcome, no experience required. Poses in HD, excellent music to draw to, chatter + 2 hours of zoning out (together). Bring a glass of wi.....

Relaxation through Art with artist Brenda Coyle

Now 2020-07-21 ~ 2021-08-21  
Project Key: #workshop, #study, #Drawing Painting

-Relaxation through art...with Brenda Coyle - Have fun learning some meditative art techniques...everyone is welcome to this free event.Each week Brenda will focus on a different aspect of creativity, .....

Portuguese Tile Painting

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-Cristina Vilarinho is a designer, painter and dreamer from the north of Portugal, she loves to find inspiration in Portuguese literature. Beside her work of traditional tile painting for restoration, .....
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