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Activity Area : Korea, Republic of * Alternative Space


인천 출생 

군제대 후 도서관에서 우연히 어는 사진집을 본 후  정신이 혼미해지며 눈시울이 뜨거워지는 경험을 했다.

그 사진은 할머니 할아버지등의 삶과 사람이 죽어가는 사진 이었다.

그런데 그 사진을 보는 그때 무의식적으로 나의 할아버지와 함께한 내 5살의 기억이 떠올랐다.

그러면서 인생은 무엇이지? 왜 죽어야 하지? 산다는 것은 무엇이지? 등등 질문이 내 앞에 나타났다.

그리고 그 질문은 나를 사진의 길로 들어서게 했고 , 사진은 나를 세상과 만나게 해주는 도구가 되어 주었다.

할아버지와 함께한 어린시절의 감수성은 현실의 리얼리티와 초현실의 리얼리티를 넘나드는 풍경의 사진을 추구하게 만들었다. 

Choi yeol

Born in Incheon

After seeing the photo book accidentally in the library after the military service, the spirit became confused and the blindness became hot.

The photograph was a picture of the life and death of grandparents and others.

But when I saw that picture, I remembered my 5 year old unconscious with my grandfather.

And what is life? Why should I die? What is living? The question appeared before me.

And that question drove me into the path of photography, and photography has become a tool that meets the world.

The sensitivity of his childhood with his grandfather has led to the pursuit of landscapes that transcend reality and surreal reality.

Activity Area : Korea, Republic of * Alternative Space